BA CityFlyer E190 G-LCYP Positioning Flight.

Following its diversion yesterday, BA CityFlyer Embraer 190 G-LCYP positioned London Stansted – London City as BA9751 this afternoon then returned to service operating BA8716 London City – Edinburgh.

British Airways B747-400 G-CIVG Withdrawn, Positions to Cardiff Maintenance.

British Airways Boeing 747-436 G-CIVG was withdrawn from service at London Heathrow this morning after arriving as BA294 from Chicago then positioned London Heathrow – Cardiff-Wales for decomissioning this afternoon as BA9172. The aircraft was in 14F/86J/30W/145Y and White Union Flag with Crest livery on withdrawal.

BA CityFlyer E190 G-LCYS Returns from Warsaw Maintenance.

BA CityFlyer Embraer 190 G-LCYS, which has been under maintenance at Warsaw since 9th November, positioned Warsaw – Edinburgh as BA9770 early this afternoon. The aircraft then further positioned Edinburgh – Glasgow as BA9750 before returning to service operating BA8729 Glasgow – London City.

British Airways B747-400 G-CIVA Returns from Cape Town.

Following the technical issue it encountered on 15th November, British Airways Boeing 747-436 G-CIVA departed Cape Town in the early hours of this morning operating the delayed BA58 Cape Town - London Heathrow of 15th November as BA58D.

British Airways A319 G-EUPC BA547 Pisa Diversion.

British Airways A319 G-EUPC operating BA547 Rome Fiumicino - London Heathrow stopped the climb at 24,000ft this evening due to a technical issue, made a rapid descent to 11,000ft then diverted to Pisa.

British Airways B747-400 G-CIVA Cape Town Technical Issue.

British Airways Boeing 747-436 G-CIVA arrived into Cape Town this morning as BA59 from London Heathrow (depart London Heathrow 14th November), however this evening's return BA58 has been delayed overnight due to a technical issue.

15/11/19 British Airways Flight Cancellations.

The following British Airways flights did not operate today: BA185/BA184 London Heathrow - Newark BA225/BA224 London Heathrow - New Orleans BA2650/BA2651 London Gatwick - Tirana.

BA CityFlyer E190 G-LCYN Returns from Rotterdam.

Following the damage it sustained yesterday, BA CityFlyer Embraer 190 G-LCYN positioned Rotterdam - London City this afternoon as BA9750 then returned to service operating BA4466 London City - Dublin.

British Airways A320 G-EUYO Overnight Larnaca Delay.

British Airways A320SL G-EUYO operated BA662 London Heathrow – Larnaca with a three and a half hour delay this afternoon. As a result crew did not have sufficient hours to operate the return BA663 back to London Heathrow and that service has been delayed overnight.

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