The following British Airways services did not operate today:

BA1 London City – Shannon – New York JFK
BA2 New York JFK – London City
BA173/BA112 London Heathrow – New York JFK
BA175/BA116 London Heathrow – New York JFK
BA233/BA232 London Heathrow – Moscow Domodedovo
BA283/BA282 London Heathrow – Los Angeles
BA304/BA307 London Heathrow – Paris CDG
BA308/BA315 London Heathrow – Paris CDG
BA316/BA323 London Heathrow – Paris CDG
BA328/BA329 London Heathrow – Paris CDG
BA342/BA343 London Heathrow – Nice
BA348/BA349 London Heathrow – Nice
BA358/BA359 London Heathrow – Lyon
BA368/BA369 London Heathrow – Marseille
BA396/BA397 London Heathrow – Brussels
BA398/BA399 London Heathrow – Brussels
BA418/BA419 London Heathrow – Luxembourg
BA430/BA431 London Heathrow – Amsterdam
BA438/BA439 London Heathrow – Amsterdam
BA440/BA441 London Heathrow – Amsterdam
BA442/BA443 London Heathrow – Amsterdam
BA458/BA459 London Heathrow – Madrid
BA462/BA463 London Heathrow – Madrid
BA464/BA465 London Heathrow – Madrid
BA470/BA471 London Heathrow – Barcelona
BA480/BA481 London Heathrow – Barcelona
BA502/BA503 London Heathrow – Lisbon
BA540/BA541 London Heathrow – Bologna
BA546/BA547 London Heathrow – Rome Fiumicino
BA560/BA559 London Heathrow – Rome Fiumicino
BA562/BA563 London Heathrow – Milan Linate
BA568/BA569 London Heathrow – Milan Linate
BA576/BA577 London Heathrow – Milan Linate
BA580/BA581 London Heathrow – Milan Malpensa
BA604/BA605 London Heathrow – Pisa
BA702/BA703 London Heathrow – Vienna
BA704/BA705 London Heathrow – Vienna
BA712/BA713 London Heathrow – Zurich
BA718/BA719 London Heathrow – Zurich
BA722/BA721 London Heathrow – Geneva
BA726/BA727 London Heathrow – Geneva
BA734/BA735 London Heathrow – Geneva
BA738 London Heathrow – Geneva
BA750/BA749 London Heathrow – Basel
BA758/BA757 London Heathrow – Basel
BA768/BA769 London Heathrow – Oslo
BA780/BA781 London Heathrow – Stockholm Arlanda
BA782/BA783 London Heathrow – Stockholm Arlanda
BA790/BA791 London Heathrow – Gothenburg
BA796/BA797 London Heathrow – Geneva
BA812/BA813 London Heathrow – Copenhagen
BA818/BA819 London Heathrow – Copenhagen
BA820/BA821 London Heathrow – Copenhagen
BA824 London Heathrow – Dublin
BA826/BA827 London Heathrow – Dublin
BA828/BA829 London Heathrow – Dublin
BA830/BA845 London Heathrow – Dublin
BA831 Dublin – London Heathrow
BA832/BA833 London Heathrow – Dublin
BA834/BA835 London Heathrow – Dublin
BA836/BA837 London Heathrow – Dublin
BA838/BA839 London Heathrow – Dublin
BA850/BA851 London Heathrow – Warsaw
BA856/BA857 London Heathrow – Prague
BA868/BA869 London Heathrow – Budapest
BA904/BA905 London Heathrow – Frankfurt
BA908/BA909 London Heathrow – Frankfurt
BA912/BA913 London Heathrow – Frankfurt
BA920/BA921 London Heathrow – Stuttgart
BA932/BA933 London Heathrow – Dusseldorf
BA936/BA937 London Heathrow – Dusseldorf
BA938/BA939 London Heathrow – Dusseldorf
BA944/BA945 London Heathrow – Dusseldorf
BA948/BA949 London Heathrow – Munich
BA954/BA955 London Heathrow – Munich
BA960/BA961 London Heathrow – Munich
BA962/BA963 London Heathrow – Hamburg
BA972 London Heathrow – Hamburg
BA984/BA985 London Heathrow – Berlin Tegel
BA994/BA995 London Heathrow – Berlin Tegel
BA996/BA997 London Heathrow – Berlin Tegel
BA1304/BA1305 London Heathrow – Aberdeen
BA1312/BA1313 London Heathrow – Aberdeen
BA1316/BA1317 London Heathrow – Aberdeen
BA1332/BA1333 London Heathrow – Newcastle
BA1336/BA1337 London Heathrow – Newcastle
BA1344/BA1345 London Heathrow – Leeds Bradford
BA1370/BA1387 London Heathrow – Manchester
BA1371 Manchester – London Heathrow
BA1396/BA1403 London Heathrow – Manchester
BA1402/BA1409 London Heathrow – Manchester
BA1414/BA1423 London Heathrow – Belfast City
BA1420/BA1421 London Heathrow – Belfast City
BA1432/BA1439 London Heathrow – Edinburgh
BA1435 Edinburgh – London Heathrow
BA1440/BA1449 London Heathrow – Edinburgh
BA1442/BA1445 London Heathrow – Edinburgh
BA1446/BA1447 London Heathrow – Edinburgh
BA1452/BA1459 London Heathrow – Edinburgh
BA1458/BA1465 London Heathrow – Edinburgh
BA1472/BA1477 London Heathrow – Glasgow
BA1473 Glasgow – London Heathrow
BA1474/BA1479 London Heathrow – Glasgow
BA1475 Glasgow – London Heathrow
BA1478 London Heathrow – Glasgow
BA1482/BA1487 London Heathrow – Glasgow
BA1484/BA1489 London Heathrow – Glasgow
BA1488/BA1495 London Heathrow – Glasgow
BA1492/BA1497 London Heathrow – Glasgow
BA1494 London Heathrow – Glasgow
BA2212 London City – Glasgow
BA2213 Glasgow – London City
BA2214 London City – Glasgow
BA2215 Glasgow – London City
BA2216 London City – Edinburgh
BA2217 Edinburgh – London City
BA2280 Geneva – London City
BA2282 Geneva – London City
BA2283 London City – Geneva
BA2286 Geneva – London City
BA2287 London City – Geneva
BA2730/BA2731 London Gatwick – Tenerife South
BA2931 Edinburgh – London Gatwick
BA2938/BA2939 London Gatwick – Edinburgh
BA2953 Glasgow – London Gatwick
BA2958/BA2959 London Gatwick – Glasgow
BA3274 Dusseldorf – London City
BA3275 London City – Dusseldorf
BA3276 Dusseldorf – London City
BA3277 London City – Dusseldorf
BA3279 London City – Florence
BA3280 Florence – London City
BA3282 London City – Isle of Man
BA3285 Isle of Man – London City
BA3286 London City – Isle of Man
BA3287 Isle of Man – London City
BA3288 London City – Isle of Man
BA4455 London City – Rotterdam
BA4456 Rotterdam – London City
BA4457 London City – Rotterdam
BA4458 Rotterdam – London City
BA4459 London City – Rotterdam
BA4460 London City – Dublin
BA4461 Dublin – London City
BA4462 London City – Dublin
BA4463 Dublin – London City
BA4464 London City – Dublin
BA4465 Dublin – London City
BA4466 London City – Dublin
BA4467 Dublin – London City
BA4468 London City – Dublin
BA4469 Dublin – London City
BA4470 London City – Dublin
BA4471 Dublin – London City
BA4472 London City – Dublin
BA4476 Rotterdam – London City
BA4477 London City – Rotterdam
BA4478 Rotterdam – London City
BA4479 London City – Rotterdam
BA7300 Milan Linate – London City
BA7301 London City – Milan Linate
BA7302 Milan Linate – London City
BA7304 Milan Linate – London City
BA7305 London City – Milan Linate
BA7306 Milan Linate – London City
BA7307 London City – Milan Linate
BA7310 London City – Manchester
BA7338 Prague – London City
BA7339 London City – Prague
BA8453 London City – Amsterdam
BA8454 Amsterdam – London City
BA8455 London City – Amsterdam
BA8456 Amsterdam – London City
BA8457 London City – Amsterdam
BA8458 Amsterdam – London City
BA8459 London City – Amsterdam
BA8472 Florence – London City
BA8487 London City – Malaga
BA8489 London City – Amsterdam
BA8493 London City – Berlin Tegel
BA8494 Berlin Tegel – London City
BA8495 London City – Berlin Tegel
BA8496 Amsterdam – London City
BA8700 London City – Edinburgh
BA8704 London City – Edinburgh
BA8705 Edinburgh – London City
BA8706 London City – Edinburgh
BA8707 Edinburgh – London City
BA8708 London City – Edinburgh
BA8709 Edinburgh – London City
BA8710 London City – Edinburgh
BA8711 Edinburgh – London City
BA8712 London City – Edinburgh
BA8714 London City – Edinburgh
BA8715 Edinburgh – London City
BA8716 London City – Edinburgh
BA8717 Edinburgh – London City
BA8718 London City – Edinburgh
BA8719 Edinburgh – London City
BA8720 London City – Edinburgh
BA8722 London City – Glasgow
BA8723 Glasgow – London City
BA8725 Glasgow – London City
BA8726 London City – Glasgow
BA8727 Glasgow – London City
BA8728 London City – Glasgow
BA8730 London City – Glasgow
BA8734 London City – Glasgow
BA8735 Glasgow – London City
BA8736 London City – Glasgow
BA8737 Frankfurt – London City
BA8738 London City – Frankfurt
BA8751 London City – Paris Orly
BA8752 Paris Orly – London City
BA8755 London City – Paris Orly
BA8757 London City – Paris Orly
BA8758 Paris Orly – London City
BA8763 London City – Zurich
BA8764 Zurich – London City
BA8765 London City – Zurich
BA8766 Zurich – London City
BA8767 London City – Zurich
BA8768 Zurich – London City
BA8769 London City – Zurich.