British Airways B747-400 G-CITB Sold and Leased Back.

British Airways Boeing 747-211B G-CITB, which was acquired with the purchase of British Caledonian Airways on 14 April 1988, was sold to All Nippon Airways today.  It was immediately leased back by British Airways for one year.

British Airways B747-100 G-AWNO London Heathrow Landing Incident.

British Airways Boeing 747-136 G-AWNO, arriving at London Heathrow from Mauritius and Bahrain, and with crew reportedly suffering from food posioning, lined up incorrectly with the perimeter road instead of the runway, cleared the roof of the Penta Hotel by around 12 feet this morning before going around and returning for a safe landing.


British Airways L-1011 G-BEAL Sub-leased to Caledonian.

British Airways Lockheed TriStar L-1011-1, G-BEAL was subleased to Caledonian Airways today.  It had already been painted in Caledonian Airways livery with ‘CALEDONIAN’ titles.  It carries the Caledonian Airways name Loch Moy.

British Airways B757-200 G-BMRJ Returns from London Gatwick.

British Airways Boeing 757-236 G-BMRJ positioned London Gatwick – London Heathrow today as BA9715.  It is still in full Caledonian Airways livery and carries its Caledonian Airways name Loch Tummel, but had ‘BRITISH AIRWAYS’ titles applied at Gatwick before this positioning flight.

British Airways B757-200 G-BMRJ Returns from Caledonian Lease.

British Airways Boeing 757-236, G-BMRJ which has been on lease to Caledonian Airways since 14 March, was returned to British Airways today at London Gatwick still wearing full Caledonian Airways livery with ‘CALEDONIAN’ fuselage titles.

Boeing 737-200 G-IBTW Returns from Caledonian Sub-lease.

Boeing 737-2Q8 G-IBTW, which has been on sublease to Caledonian Airways since 5th May, was returned to British Airways service from London Gatwick today. The aircraft is still in Caledonian Airways livery but now has ‘BRITISH AIRWAYS’ fuselage titles.