British Airways B747-400 G-BYGD Takes Over BA273, Overnights at San Diego.

Following the earlier Boeing 747-400 technical issue at London Heathrow, British Airways Boeing 747-436 G-CIVH operated the delayed BA273 London Heathrow – San Diego this evening after arriving as BA272 from San Diego. However the aircraft arrived too late into San Diego for today’s BA272 to depart before curfew and the aircraft will therefore overnight at San Diego.

British Airways B747-400 G-BYGD Mexico Cancellation.

British Airways Boeing 747-436 G-BYGD operated BA243 London Heathrow – Mexico City this afternoon, however due to the diversion of yesterday’s BA243 to Cancun there was no rested crew available at Mexico City and therefore the return BA242 was cancelled. The aircraft was then found to have a technical issue.

British Airways B747-400 G-BYGD Returns from Cardiff Maintenance.

British Airways Boeing 747-436 G-BYGD, which has been under maintenance at Cardiff-Wales since 20th March, positioned Cardiff-Wales – London Heathrow early this afternoon as BA9172. The aircraft has been reconfigured from 14F/70J/30W/185Y to 14F/86J/30W/145Y with Panasonic IFE. It is the eleventh of eighteen aircraft to be reconfigured.

British Airways B747-400 G-BYGD Lagos Rescue Mission.

Following the Boeing 747-400 technical issue at Lagos last night, British Airways Boeing 747-436 G-BYGD positioned London Heathrow – Lagos this morning as BA9159 in order to operate yesterday’s delayed BA74 Lagos – London Heathrow as BA74X.

BA54 Johannesburg Delays Continue.

With Boeing 747-436 G-CIVF still unserviceable at Johannesburg, sister G-BYGD, which was scheduled to operate this evening’s BA54 Johannesburg – London Heathrow instead operated yesterday’s delayed service using callsign BA54X. As a result today’s scheduled BA54 has been delayed until tomorrow evening.