British Airways A319 G-EUPB Returns from Billund.

Following its unscheduled overnight stay, British Airways A319 G-EUPB departed Billund this morning operating today’s scheduled BA805 Billund – London Heathrow. This morning’s BA804 London Heathrow – Billund was cancelled.

British Airways A319 G-EUPB Paris Orly Flight Switch.

British Airways A319 G-EUPB overnighted at Paris Orly after arriving as BA338 from London Heathrow yesterday, however instead of operating BA331 Paris Orly – London Heathrow this morning, the aircraft instead yesterday’s delayed BA337 Paris Orly – London Heathrow as BA337D.

British Airways A319 G-EUPB BA1458 Glasgow Diversion.

British Airways A319 G-EUPB operating BA1458 London Heathrow – Edinburgh diverted to Glasgow this evening due to weather at Edinburgh. The aircraft then positioned Glasgow – London Heathrow as BA9253P. As a result BA1465 Edinburgh – London Heathrow was cancelled.

British Airways A319 G-EUPB BA1346 Manchester Diversion.

British Airways A319 G-EUPB operating BA1346 London Heathrow – Leeds Bradford diverted to Manchester this morning due to weather at Leeds Bradford. The aircraft then returned to London Heathrow still using BA1346 as its callsign. As a result BA1347 Leeds Bradford – London Heathrow was cancelled.

A319 G-EUPB BA818 Heathrow Emergency Return.

Airbus A319 G-EUPB operating BA818 London Heathrow – Copenhagen was close to Ipswich when it began squawking the 7700 General Emergency code and returned to London Heathrow. Sister G-EUPC operated the flight later.

British Airways A319 G-EUPB First Flight.

British Airways A319 G-EUPB was delivered today. The aircraft is in Union Flag livery and CY132 configuration with convertible seating in the first nine rows. This is the second A319 for British Airways.

British Airways Inbound Heathrow Weather Diversions.

The following British Airways flights inbound to London Heathrow diverted this morning due to weather:

BA214 Boston – London Heathrow (depart Boston 5th January) operated by Boeing 747-436 G-CIVL diverted via Manchester.

BA343 Nice – London Heathrow operated by A319 G-EUOE diverted via London Luton.

BA711 Zurich – London Heathrow operated by A319 G-EUPB diverted via London Stansted.


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