British Airways A319 G-EUPS Frankfurt Cancellation.

British Airways A319 G-EUPS operated BA906 London Heathrow – Frankfurt this morning, however the return BA907 was cancelled due to strike action at Frankfurt. The aircraft instead positioned Frankfurt – London Heathrow as BA9254.

British Airways A319 G-EUPS Bologna Cancellation.

British Airways A319 G-EUPS operated BA544 London Heathrow – Bologna this evening, however prior to the aircraft arriving into Bologna tomorrow morning’s return BA543 was cancelled with the airline citing operational reasons.

British Airways A319 G-EUPS BA974 Berlin Tegel Diversion.

British Airways A319 G-EUPS operating BA974 London Heathrow – Hamburg diverted to Berlin Tegel this afternoon due to high winds at Hamburg. The aircraft then positioned Berlin Tegel – London Heathrow as BA9259. As a result BA975 Hamburg – London Heathrow was cancelled.

British Airways A319 G-EUPS Dusseldorf Technical Issue.

British Airways A319 G-EUPS operated BA938 London Heathrow – Dusseldorf this morning, however the return BA939 was cancelled due to a technical issue with the aircraft. The aircraft was able to position Dusseldorf – London Heathrow later in the day as BA9253.

A319 G-EUPS BA2621 Bournemouth Diversion.

British Airways Airbus A319 G-EUPS operating BA2621 Nice – London Gatwick diverted via Bournemouth this morning after a missed approach at London Gatwick. The flight continued to London Gatwick after around an hour on the ground.

G-EUPS Switches Back to Gatwick Base.

Airbus A319 G-EUPS operated the BA372/BA273 London Heathrow – Toulouse rotation this morning then positioned London Heathrow – London Gatwick as BA9250 and operated the BA2664/BA2665 London Gatwick – Tunis rotation this afternoon.

British Airways A319 G-EUPS Delivered.

British Airways A319 G-EUPS was delivered today. The aircraft is in Union Flag livery and CY132 configuration with convertible seating in the first nine rows. This brings the British Airways A319 fleet up to 17 aircraft.