British Airways A320 G-EUUZ Returns to Heathrow Base.

British Airways A320 G-EUUZ, which has been operating from London Gatwick since April 2nd, overnighted at Glasgow after operating BA2968 from London Gatwick yesterday, then returned to the London Heathrow base this morning operating BA1491 Glasgow – London Heathrow.

British Airways A320 G-EUUZ Manchester Technical Issue.

British Airways A320 G-EUUZ operated BA1386 London Heathrow – Manchester this morning, however the return BA1391 was cancelled due to a technical issue. The aircraft was able to position Manchester – London Heathrow during the evening as BA9252.

British Airways A320 G-EUUZ BA766 Heathrow Technical Return

British Airways A320 G-EUUZ operating BA766 London Heathrow – Oslo had just begun its North Sea crossing at 39,000 ft when it squawked the 7700 Emergency Code and turned back to London Heathrow. The same aircraft departed again shortly afterwards.