British Airways A321 G-EUXJ Returns from Istanbul via Valencia Rescue.

Following the A320 technical issue at Valencia yesterday, British Airways A321 G-EUXJ positioned Istanbul – Valencia as BA677F this afternoon, indicating that it was carrying Istanbul – London Heathrow cargo, in order to operate yesterday’s delayed BA2795 Valencia – London Gatwick. The aircraft then continued London Gatwick – London Heathrow as BA9257.

British Airways A321 G-EUXJ Paris CDG and Pisa Rescue Mission.

Following the earlier diversion of BA604 London Heathrow – Pisa to Paris CDG, British Airways A321 G-EUXJ positioned London Heathrow – Paris CDG this evening as BA9257 to continue the diverted flight routing Paris CDG – Pisa using BA604 as its callsign. After midnight the aircraft operate the delayed BA605 Pisa – London Heathrow.

British Airways A321 G-EUXJ Newcastle Technical Issue.

British Airways A321 G-EUXJ overnighted at Newcastle having arrived as BA1338 from London Heathrow last night, however its scheduled return to London as BA1321 was cancelled early this morning due to a technical issue. The aircraft was able to position Newcastle – London Heathrow late in the afternoon as BA972.

British Airways A321 G-EUXJ Operates Tel Aviv Rotations.

British Airways European configuration A321 G-EUXJ operated the BA165/BA164 London Heathrow – Tel Aviv rotation this morning in place of the usual midhaul A321, then operated the overnight BA163/BA162 London Heathrow – Tel Aviv rotation.

A321 G-EUXJ BA679 Prague Diversion.

British Airways Airbus A321 G-EUXJ operating BA679 Istanbul – London Heathrow diverted via Prague this afternoon. The diversion appears to have been medical.