British Airways A321 G-EUXM Copenhagen Technical Issue.

British Airways A321 G-EUXM overnighted at Copenhagen after arriving as BA808 from London Heathrow yesterday, however this morning’s return BA825 was cancelled due to a technical issue. The aircraft operated Copenhagen – London Heathrow during the evening as BA825 indicating that cargo was being carried.

British Airways A321 G-EUXM Continues from Athens.

Following its diversion yesterday, British Airways A321 G-EUXM departed Athens this afternoon continuing yesterday’s diverted BA9228 London Heathrow – Lemnos charter, routing Athens – Lemnos using BA9228 as its callsign. The aircraft then operated yesterday’s delayed BA9229 Lemnos – London Heathrow charter.

British Airways A321 G-EUXM BA433 Amsterdam Technical Return.

British Airways A321 G-EUXM operating BA433 Amsterdam – London Heathrow stopped the climb at 7,000 ft this evening following an issue with the #2 engine caused by a possible bird strike. The aircraft returned immediately to Amsterdam for a safe landing. The flight was subsequently cancelled.

British Airways A321 G-EUXM BA833 Manchester Diversion.

British Airways A321 G-EUXM operating BA833 Dublin – London Heathrow diverted via Manchester this morning due a combination of long fog based hold times at London Heathrow and the temporary closure of the north runway following an American Airlines emergency landing.

British Airways A321 G-EUXM Edinburgh Technical Issue.

British Airways A321 G-EUXM overnighted at Edinburgh after arriving as BA1462 from London Heathrow yesterday, however its scheduled return to London Heatrow this morning as BA1435 was cancelled this morning due to a technical issue.

Prestwick Airbus Maintenance Swap.

British Airways Airbus A319 G-EUOB positioned London Heathrow – Prestwick this evening as BA9275. Airbus A321 G-EUXM then positioned Prestwick – London Heathrow as BA9276.