British Airways A320 G-EUYU Returns from Manchester.

Following the technical issue it encountered yesterday, British Airways A320SL G-EUYU positioned Manchester – London Heathrow as BA9270 this afternoon then returned to service operating BA1336 London Heathrow – Newcastle.

British Airways A320 G-EUYU Overnight Olbia Delay.

British Airways A320SL G-EUYU operated BA608 London Heathrow – Olbia with a six hour delay this evening, however crew did not have sufficient hours to return to London Heathrow therefore the return BA609 has been delayed overnight.

British Airways A320 G-EUYU Munich Flight Switch.

British Airways A320SL G-EUYU operated BA958 London Heathrow – Munich this evening, however following the earlier A319 technical issue at Munich, instead of overnighting at Munich the aircraft turned around to operate the delayed BA957 Munich – London Heathrow.

British Airways A320 G-EUYU Returns with Sharklets.

British Airways A320 G-EUYU, which has been under maintenance at London Heathrow since May 2nd, returned to service this morning operating BA594 London Heathrow – Venice. The aircraft has been fitted with Sharklet winglets.

British Airways A320 G-EUYU Manchester Flight Switch.

British Airways A320 G-EUYU operated BA1404 London Heathrow – Manchester this evening, however instead of overnighting at Manchester as scheduled, following the earlier A320 technical issue it instead operated the delayed BA1407 Manchester – London Heathrow.

British Airways A320 G-EUYU BA490 Malaga Diversion.

British Airways A320 G-EUYU operating BA490 London Heathrow – Gibraltar diverted to Malaga this afternoon due to weather at Gibraltar. The return BA491 operated from Malaga once passengers had been transferred by road.

British Airways A320 G-EUYU Delivered.

British Airways A320 G-EUYU was delivered Toulouse – London Heathrow early this evening as BA9251. The aircraft is in White Union Flag with Crest livery and CY162 Pinnacle configuration.