British Airways A380 G-XLEH Returns to Service.

British Airways A380 G-XLEH, which positioned to Singapore yesterday after maintenance at Manila, returned to service in the early hours of this morning operating yesterday’s delayed BA12 Singapore – London Heathrow with a five hour delay. This was reportedly due to on board medical equipment being missing following the maintenance visit.

British Airways A380 G-XLEH BA56 Johannesburg Technical Return.

British Airways A380 G-XLEH operating BA56 Johannesburg – London Heathrow had reached 34,000 ft to the north of Gabarone when it encountered a weather radar failure. The aircraft entered a hold to burn fuel before returning to Johannesburg for a safe landing via a further hold to the north west of Johannesburg. The flight was initially delayed overnight but subsequently cancelled.

British Airways A380 G-XLEH Continues from Washington.

Following its medical diversion and subsequent overnight delay, British Airways A380 G-XLEH departed Washington this afternoon continuing yesterday’s diverted BA209 London Heathrow – Miami, routing Washington – Miami as BA9605. The aircraft then operated yesterday’s delayed BA208 Miami – London Heathrow as BA9604.

British Airways A380 G-XLEH BA209 Washington Medical Diversion.

British Airways A380 G-XLEH operating BA209 London Heathrow – Miami with a two hour delay diverted to Washington this evening due to a medical emergency on board. Crew did not have sufficient hours to reach Miami so the aircraft will overnight at Washington and the return BA208 will be delayed overnight.

British Airways A380 G-XLEH Delivered.

British Airways A380 G-XLEH was delivered Toulouse – London Heathrow early this afternoo as BA9251. The aircraft is in White Union Flag with Crest livery and 14F/97J/55W/303Y configuration and brings the A380 fleet up to eight aircraft.