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British Airways Aircraft Types

Airbus A319 Fleet Pages

BA’s batch of 33 A319s began arriving in 1999 with initial deliveries going to Birmingham for the regional network that was operating from Birmingham at the time. A cascade of aircraft quickly saw the CityFlyer Express RJ-100 fleet move from Gatwick to Birmingham, the 737-400 fleet from Heathrow to Gatwick with the A319s sent to Heathrow.

Initial deliveries were in the G-EUP* series, although without a G-EUPI as BA did not wish to use the PI two letter code owing to the crash of BEA Trident G-ARPI in 1972. Later machines are registered in the G-EUO* series.

British Airways Airbus A319 Fleet List

Current British Airways A319 Routes.

(Routes flown in the last 30 days including positioning, test and training flights)

Although based at London Heathrow during the Summer season in the early 2010s it was usual for three aircraft to operate from London Gatwick.

These A319s have drop-down screens with moving maps. The aircraft can be found across the UK and European networks.

On April 20th 2012 British Airways parent IAG concluded a deal to purchase bmi British Midland International with the mainline bmi operation to be integrated into British Airways. This brought a further eleven A319s into the fleet.

These machines operate in a CY144 configuration and from 2012 began operations from London Gatwick as well as London Heathrow. These aircraft are rotated through both bases either by direct ferry flights or by swapping aircraft at Glasgow when operated UK Domestic services.