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British Airways News & Information April 2011.

30th April 2011 - A320 G-BUSK to Gatwick.

Airbus A320 G-BUSK positioned London Heathrow - London Gatwick as BA9259. Despite being withdrawn only yesterday the aircraft has already had all BA logos and titles removed.

29th April 2011 - A320 G-BUSK Withdrawn.

Airbus A320 G-BUSK was withdrawn from British Airways service today after operating BA1441 Edinburgh - London Heathrow. This leaves just G-BUSJ of the original British Caledonian ordered A320 fleet in service.

27th April 2011 - 767 Cardiff Maintenance Swap.

European configuration Boeing 767-336 G-BNWX positioned London Heathrow - Cardiff-Wales today as BA9172. Longhaul configured sister G-BNWW positioned Cardiff-Wales - London Heathrow as BA9173.

22nd April 2011 - G-CIVA Los Angeles rejected take-off.

Boeing 747-436 G-CIVA rejected take-off from Los Angeles at slow speed today whilst operating BA282 to London Heathrow due to problems with the main gear steering. After repairs the aircraft operated the flight around four hours late.

21st April 2011 - G-YMMG BA122 Athens Diversion.

BA122 Mauritius - London Heathrow operated by Boeing 777-236ER G-YMMG diverted via Athens today. We understand this was due to crew illness.

21st April 2011 - G-VIIY back at Heathrow.

After operating a single return from London Gatwick to Bridgetown, Barbados Boeing 777-236ER G-VIIY returned to London Heathrow today as BA9152.

21st April 2011 - 777 G-VIIU to Cardiff Maintenance.

Boeing 777-236ER G-VIIU positioned London Heathrow - Cardiff-Wales as BA9172. This aircraft already has New First fitted.

20th April 2011 - BA178 JFK-LHR Cancelled.

The daytime BA178 New York JFK - London Heathrow scheduled to be operated by Boeing 747-436 G-CIVZ was cancelled. The aircraft returned to Heathrow overnight as BA9174.

20th April 2011 - G-VIIY at London Gatwick.

New First fitted Boeing 777-236ER G-VIIY positioned London Heathrow - London Gatwick this morning as BA9151 taking up service as BA2153 to Bridgetown, Barbados.

19th April 2011 - BA163 Euro 767.

The BA163/162 London Heathrow - Tel Aviv rotation was today operated by European configuration Boeing 767-336ER G-BNWX.

17th April 2011 - BA59 Delay.

BA59 London Heathrow - Cape Town was delayed until 18th April operating as BA59X and flown by Boeing 747-436 G-BNLY. The return BA58 scheduled for 18th April operated as a daytime flight on 19th April as BA58X.

17th April 2011 - BA178 G-BNLP Cancellation.

The BA178 New York JFK - London Heathrow, scheduled to be operated by Boeing 747-436 G-BNLP was cancelled today due to outbound BA183 of 16th April diverting to Washington due to weather at JFK. The aircraft positioned back empty from Washington to Heathrow as BA9150 on the evening of 17th April.

7th April 2011 - G-YMMB back at Gatwick.

Boeing 777-236ER G-YMMB positioned back from London Heathrow - London Gatwick today as BA9159 taking up service as BA2055 to Sharm El Sheik.

6th April 2011 - G-YMMB returns to Heathrow.

3 Class Boeing 777-236ER G-YMMB positioned London Gatwick - London Heathrow as BA9158 today, taking up service immediately as BA263 to Riyadh. G-YMMB had been at Gatwick since 14th October 2010.

6th April 2011 - Rio flights to double.

The London Heathrow - Rio de Janeiro BA249/248 service is to be increased from thrice weekly to six times weekly commencing 1st November 2011. Flights will continue to be operated by 3 Class Boeing 777-200s.

5th April 2011 - Jeddah gets Euro 767 again.

Today’s BA133/132 London Heathrow - Jeddah rotation was flown by European configuration Boeing 767 G-BZHB. It is noticeable that until recently when BA decided there was a need to substitute European 767s onto longhaul 767 routes it was always the Tel Aviv service which saw the substitution. Currently the longer Jeddah route is seeing the inferior product. BA policy in this situation is to seat Club World and World Traveller Plus passengers in the forward cabin in Club Europe configuration, declare World Traveller Plus passengers to have been upgraded and offer Club Europe passengers £150 compensation. This would appear woefully inadequate.

4th April 2011 - G-BYGE positions back to UK.

Boeing 747-436 G-BYGE positioned empty from Johannesburg - London Heathrow as BA 9172.

3rd April 2011 - G-DOCG BA2946 return to Gatwick.

BA2946 London Gatwick - Edinburgh operated by Boeing 737-436 returned to Gatwick with technical problems shortly after take-off. The flight has been re-scheduled for 4th April with passengers accommodated overnight.

3rd April 2011 - G-YMMC to London Gatwick.

Three Class Boeing 777-236ER G-YMMC positioned from London Heathrow - London Gatwick this morning as BA9157, immediately taking up service as BA2167 to Tampa.

Nine Boeing 777s; G-VIIA, G-VIIB, G-VIIF, G-VIIO, G-VIIR, G-VIIS, G-YMMB, G-YMMC, and G-YMMF were operating from London Gatwick today.

2nd April 2011 - BA5 Direct by 777-300.

The BA5 London Heathrow - Tokyo Narita service returned to direct operation today and switched to Boeing 777-300 operations with 777-36NER G-STBB becoming the first British Airways 777-300 to operate the route.

Since the Japanese earthquake the BA5 operated initially via Hong Kong and then via Seoul.

1st April 2011 - BA56 finally underway.

The twice delayed BA56 Johannesburg - London Heathrow of 30th March, held up due to rejected take offs on consecutive days by Boeing 747-436 G-BYGE, finally departed today as BA56A operated by Boeing 747-436 G-CIVX. This was scheduled to have operated today’s BA56 which was cancelled.

G-BYGE had fuel supply problems to the #1 engine and remains at Johannesburg at this time. The aircraft will ferry empty to London Heathrow once fully repaired.  

The BA Source - News Archive.

16th April 2011 - USA Lightning Strikes.

Boeing 777-336ER G-STBA operating BA179 London Heathrow - New York JFK suffered a lightning strike on approach to JFK. As a result the return BA182 was cancelled. The aircraft positioned back empty New York JFK - London Heathrow as BA9602 on the night of April 17th.

Boeing 767-336ER G-BNWR operating BA69 London Heathrow - Philadelphia suffered a lightning strike on approach to Philadelphia. As a result the return BA68 was cancelled. The aircraft positioned back empty from Philadelphia - London Heathrow as BA9601 on the night of April 17th.

15th April 2011 - 777 on UK Domestics.

3 Class Boeing 777-236ER G-YMMF operated the BA2964/2965 London Gatwick - Glasgow rotation today in place of the usual Boeing 737-400.

14th April 2011 - BA2 G-EUNB Cancellation.

Today’s BA2 New York JFK - London City service was cancelled due to technical issues with A318 G-EUNB. As a result BA1 London City - Shannon - New York JFK on Friday 15th April is also cancelled.

14th April 2011 - Cardiff 777 Maintenance Swap.

Boeing 777-236ER G-YMMO positioned London Heathrow - Cardiff-Wales as BA9172. Sister aircraft G-YMMN positioned Cardiff-Wales - London Heathrow as BA9173. This aircraft already has New First fitted.

13th April 2011 - “re-launch” not “re-brand”

There has been much excitement after a Marketing Magazine story with a spokesperson for British Airways quoted as saying that the airline was working on a re-launch of its brand. A spokesman for the airline said: "We are currently working on the re-launch of the BA brand, first internally with our staff then later in the year as an advertising campaign.” Nothing within the statements suggest that there will be any new livery appearing on aircraft.

11th April 2011 - G-BYGE back in service.

Johannesburg double rejected take-off culprit Boeing 747-436 G-BYGE returned to service today as BA117 London Heathrow - New York JFK.

10th April 2011 - G-YMML operates Tokyo.

The BA5/6 London Heathrow - Tokyo Narita rotation, now scheduled for Boeing 777-300 operation, was instead today operated by Boeing 777-236ER G-YMML.

9th April 2011 - G-EUUT Gatwick awayday.

A320 G-EUUT positioned London Heathrow - London Gatwick as BA9255 today in order to operate the BA2610/2611 Gatwick - Naples rotation before returning to Heathrow as BA9256.

8th April 2011 - G-VIIP back in service, G-YMMC back to Heathrow.

Gatwick based Boeing 777-236ER G-VIIP returned to service today as BA2043 to Male allowing Heathrow based sister G-YMMC to return to Heathrow as BA9173 before taking up service as BA239 to Boston.

8th April 2011 - Astraeus 757 in service from Gatwick.

Astraeus Boeing 757-200 G-STRZ operated the BA2940/2941 Gatwick - Edinburgh and BA2908/2909 Gatwick - Manchester rotations today.

7th April 2011 - G-STRP back for BA.

Astraeus A320 G-STRP operated for British Airways again today working the BA2598/2599 London Gatwick - Verona and BA2688/2689 London Gatwick - Genoa rotations. The long term wet lease of the aircraft ended on 31st March.

7th April 2011 - Cardiff 777 Maintenance Swap.

Boeing 777-236ER G-YMMN positioned London Heathrow - Cardiff-Wales BA9172. Sister G-VIIE positioned Cardiff-Wales - London Heathrow as BA9173. This aircraft has not been fitted with new First.