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British Airways Aircraft Types

Boeing 737-400 Fleet Pages

A total of 37 737-400s have flown for British Airways since the type’s introduction in 1991.

New deliveries to BA begin in 1991 with 27 aircraft ordered. However in 1992 BA bought the ailing DAN-Air for £1 plus its debts and acquired eight aircraft in the deal. Some of these departed quickly either being returned to the lessor or passing to franchise carrier GB Airways whilst others stayed with BA for over 10 years, the final example departing in 2004 for Air One in Italy.

Due to the arrival of the DAN-Air aircraft some new BA deliveries found their way out on lease between 1994-96 despite BA having signed leases on two further aircraft between 1993-99.

British Airways Boeing 737-400 Fleet List

The first BA ordered -436 aircraft left the fleet in 2002 with three aircraft passing to  Comair in South Africa where continued to fly in BA colours, a further three departed in 2004 with two going to CSA of Czekoslovakia and one to fly-DBA in Germany, Afurther two went in 2005, the first to AirOne in Italy and the second to the US Marshalls Service and on to JetStar Pacific in Vietnam.

The BA aircraft were initially all based at London Heathrow where they ousted most of the earlier 737-236 models onto regional routes from Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham. However, with the delivery of the A319 and the expansion of the A320 fleet at Heathrow the 737-436s found themselves displaced to London Gatwick.

The 737-400s operate with convertible seating with a maximum capacity of 153, although they operate permanently with the first four rows in Club Europe configuration giving a 149 seat capacity. Going over this level requires a further cabin crew member to be carried.

Further withdrawals of the fleet commenced in 2013 with the aircraft positioning to Victorville for part out and scrap. The final two aircraft to leave the fleet were G-DOCW on 29th September 2015 and G-DOCX the following day, with BA2579 Turin - London Gatwick being the final service.

Current BA Boeing 737-400 Routes.

(Routes flown in the last 30 days including positioning, test and training flights)