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British Airways Aircraft Types

British Airways ordered the 767 relatively late into the programme and insisted on Rolls Royce rather than the more usual General Electric engines. Though this gave BA operational savings in that the 767 and 747-400 fleets use a common pool of engines it has resulted in a fleet with limited resale value. The new winglets that several 767 operators have retrofitted to their 767 fleets to make them more fuel efficient are not suitable for Rolls Royce engined aircraft preventing BA from taking advantage of this development.

Only 31 Rolls Royce engined 767-300s were built, 28 for British Airways and 3 for Yunnan Airlines of China.

British Airways Boeing 767-300ER Fleet List

Deliveries to BA came throughout the early 1990s, with two aircraft arriving in 1996/7 and a further three in 1998. Market conditions at that time meant that in 1999 an agreement was reached for seven of the fleet to move to QANTAS.

The 767 fleet operates from London Heathrow in two configurations: There are seven aircraft configured for European operations with a convertible layout seating a maximum 259 passengers. These aircraft operate longer sectors to Moscow, Larnaca, Athens and Istanbul but also appear on busier shorter sectors to Paris, Frankfurt, Rome and Stockholm. As all European trips can be operated out and back by the same crew BA has the operational flexibility to swap the aircraft onto any route.

The longhaul fleet seat 24 passengers in Club World, 24 in World Traveller Plus and 144 in World Traveller. These aircraft feature the original Club World lie flat seats in yin-yang configuration and audio/video on demand throughout. They are used on routes to the Middle East, Africa, North America and the Caribbean. Seven of these aircraft were internally refurbished in 2012 with updated overhead bins and refreshed fabrics.

The 767 will remain in BA service until 2016 with longhaul aircraft being replaced by B787-8s and the the A319/320/321 fleets taking over all European flying.

Current BA Boeing 767-300ER Routes.

(Routes flown in the last 30 days including positioning, test and training flights)

Boeing 767-300ER Fleet Pages