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British Airways Aircraft Types

British Airways Boeing 777-200 Fleet List

Registrations for the “A” market models were in the G-ZZZx series (looks like 777). Three “A” market 777s remain at Heathrow serving Middle East and East Coast USA routes.

Two of the B777-200 aircraft, G-ZZZD and G-ZZZE, left the fleet in 2002 during the economic downturn. This short lived variant had little re-sale value and despite tenures with Khalifa and Varig G-ZZZE became the first 777 to be broken up for parts after only eight years in service.

The three remaining B777-200 aircraft have been refitted with the 2010 New First cabin and the 2010 World Traveller Plus and World Traveller cabins and the latest Thales IFE system.

The limited range of the B777-200 means the aircraft are utilised on Middle East and East Coast US flights.

Current BA Boeing 777-200 Routes.

(Routes flown in the last 30 days including positioning, test and training flights)

Development of the 777 began in 1990 when British Airways along with All Nippon Airways, American Airlines,al  Cathay Pacific, Delta, United Airlines, QANTAS and Japan Airlines became involved with Boeing in consultation to decide the design specification for a new aircraft to bridge the capacity gap between the 767 and the 747.

British Airways was quick to order the type initially ordering five “A market” B777-200 models.

Boeing 777-200 Fleet Pages