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British Airways Aircraft Types

Development of the 777 began in 1990 when British Airways along with All Nippon Airways, American Airlines,al  Cathay Pacific, Delta, United Airlines, QANTAS and Japan Airlines became involved with Boeing in consultation to decide the design specification for a new aircraft to bridge the capacity gap between the 767 and the 747.

British Airways was quick to order the type initially ordering five “A market” models and twenty four of what were initial designated “B market” but later became “ER” variants. BA became the first operator of the ER model in 1997. The initial 777 deliveries were with General Electric GE90 engines, a break from the traditional BA choice for Rolls Royce engines. This was tied into the deal where General Electric had bought the BA Engine Overhaul facility in South Wales.

Registrations for the initial ER aircraft in the G-VII* series (Roman Numerals for 7) with the exception of G-RAES which was registered in honour of the Royal Aeronautical Society. Three “A” market 777s remain at Heathrow serving Middle East and East Coast USA routes.

British Airways Boeing 777-200ER Fleet List

In 1999 three 777s (G-VIIO/P/R) were delivered to Gatwick in a 28J/355Y configuration with the Economy seating in 10 abreast 3-4-3 configuration. These were for leisure routes from Gatwick to Florida and the Caribbean and were crewed by staff from Airline Management Ltd. The aircraft were converted to standard BA 3-3-3 configuration in 2002 and remain at Gatwick in three class configuration today.

The second wave of 777 orders in 1998 for delivery from 2000 were for aircraft with the new Rolls Royce Trent 895 engines. These aircraft were also fitted with crew bunks allowing the 777 to embark on longer range missions. These aircraft are registered in the G-YMM* series (Year 2000 in Roman Numerals). A further four aircraft in this series were delivered in 2009.

BA were the first airline to have suffered a 777 hull-loss when G-YMMM landed short of the runway at Heathrow on 17th January 2008 when arriving from Beijing as BA38. Ice forming in the fuel system was concluded to be the cause of the accident.

In current service the 777 fleet is allocated to both Heathrow and Gatwick airports and operated in both three class (Club World/World Traveller Plus/World Traveller) and four class (First/Club World/World Traveller Plus/World Traveller) configurations. The aircraft see service across the longhaul network serving the Middle East, Far East, North America nd South America.

All four class aircraft have the 2010 “New First” cabin and the G-VII*/G-RAES aircraft, with the exception of G-VIIU - G-VIIY also have the 2010 World Traveller Plus and World Traveller cabins and the Thales IFE system.

Current BA Boeing 777-200ER Routes.

(Routes flown in the last 30 days including positioning, test and training flights)

Boeing 777-200ER Fleet Pages