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British Airways News November 2011.

30th November 2011 - G-VIIT Tampa Technical Issue.

Boeing 777-236ER G-VIIT arrived into Tampa today as BA2167 but the return BA2166 has been delayed until tomorrow, indicating a technical issue with the aircraft.

30th November 2011 - G-EUUI BA866 Budapest Hydraulic Issue.

Airbus A320 G-EUUI operating BA866 London Heathrow - Budapest declared PAN due to a hydraulic issue whilst approaching Budapest. The aircraft aborted the approach and crew worked checklists for around half an hour and reported a failure of the yellow hydraulic system. The aircraft was able to land safely.

Sister G-EUUU arrived into Budapest on the later BA870 and rather than night-stopping as scheduled operated G-EUUI’s scheduled BA867 Budapest - London Heathrow.

30th November 2011 - BA Ops Unruffled by Strike.

British Airways operations experienced no ill effects from today’s UK Civil Service strikes.

29th November 2011 - G-EUOC Munich Technical Problem.

Airbus A319 G-EUOC operated the BA956 London Heathrow - Munich today but the return BA957 was cancelled indicating a technical issue with the aircraft.

28th November 2011 - Heathrow Non Op.

The BA155/BA154 London Heathrow - Cairo will not operate today. This is one of a series of non-operating days for this flight over the next few weeks as demand has reduced following the recent demonstrations in Egypt.

27th November 2011 - G-BNLG Returns to Heathrow.

Boeing 747-436 G-BNLG will positioned Cardiff-Wales - London Heathrow today as BA9170. This aircraft  went to Victorville, CA for storage on 15 September 2009 and returned to Cardiff-Wales on 21 June this year. The aircraft is confirmed as fitted with New First.

25th November 2011 - G-CIVW to Cardiff Maintenance.

Boeing 747-436 G-CIVW positioned London Heathrow - Cardiff-Wales today as BA9171.

24th November 2011 - 777 Cardiff Maintenance Swap.

4 Class Boeing 777-236ER G-VIIJ positioned London Heathrow - Cardiff-Wales today as BA9171 with 3 Class sister G-YMMA positioning Cardiff-Wales - London Heathrow as BA9172.

24th November 2011 - Heathrow Non Ops.

Due to a strike in Portugal today the following flights are cancelled today:

BA499 Lisbon - London Heathrow

BA500/BA501 London Heathrow - Lisbon

BA502/BA503 London Heathrow - Lisbon.

The BA504 London Heathrow - Lisbon will operate.

Additionally the BA269/BA268 London Heathrow - Los Angeles rotation will not operate today.

24th November 2011 - G-BNLO BA106 Kuwait Diversion.

Boeing 747-436 G-BNLO operating BA106 Dubai - London Heathrow this morning diverted via Kuwait. It is not currently clear whether the diversion was technical or medical.

23rd November 2011 - BA2 Gatwick Diversion.

Airbus A318 G-EUNB operating BA2 New York JFK - London City (depart JFK 22 November) diverted to London Gatwick due to fog. The aircraft later positioned to London City as BA9259.

23rd November 2011 - G-BUSJ Leaves UK.

Withdrawn Airbus A320 G-BUSJ departed the UK today positioning London Gatwick - Chateauroux as BA9258.

23rd November 2011 - Heathrow Weather Cancellations.

Due to fog at London Heathrow the following inbound fuel diversions occurred this morning:

BA112 New York JFK - London Heathrow (depart JFK 22 November) operated by Boeing 747-436 G-BNLO diverted via Cardiff-Wales.

BA174 New York JFK - London Heathrow (deparrt JFK 22 November) operated by Boeing 777-36NER S-STBD diverted via Cardiff-Wales.

BA194 Houston - London Heathrow (depart Houston 22 November) operated by Boeing 747-436 G-BNLN diverted via Manchester.

BA264 Washington - London Heathrow (depart Washington 22 November) operated by Boeing 767-336ER G-BNWV diverted via Birmingham.

The following rotations are cancelled today:

BA346/BA347 London Heathrow - Nice

BA416/BA417 London Heathrow - Luxembourg

BA464/BA465 London Heathrow - Madrid

BA600/BA601 London Heathrow - Pisa

BA754/BA755 London Heathrow - Basel

BA850/BA851 London Heathrow - Warsaw

BA920/BA921 London Heathrow - Stuttgart

BA940/BA941 London Heathrow - Dusseldorf

BA952/BA953 London Heathrow - Munich

BA1484/BA1489 London Heathrow - Glasgow.

Additionally BA504 London Heathrow - Lisbon is cancelled as this aircraft night stops in Lisbon and there is a strike in Portugal tomorrow.

22nd November 2011 - G-STBE Positions for Painting.

Boeing 777-36NER G-STBE positioned Paine Field - Portland today for painting.

22nd November 2011 - A319 Prestwick Maintenance Swap.

Airbus A319 G-EUOI positioned London Heathrow - Prestwick today as BA9276. Sister G-EUPO positioned Prestwick - London Heathrow as BA9277.

22nd November 2011 - G-BNLC Break Up.

The break up of withdrawn Boeing 747-436 G-BNLC commenced at Cardiff-Wales today.

22nd November 2011 - Heathrow Weather Cancellations.

Further fog problems at London Heathrow have caused the following cancellations:

BA416/BA417 London Heathrow - Luxembourg

BA484/BA485 London Heathrow - Barcelona

BA588/BA589 London Heathrow - Milan Linate

BA600/BA601 London Heathrow - Pisa

BA814/BA815 London Heathrow - Copenhagen

BA882/BA883 London Heathrow - Kiev

BA906/BA907 London Heathrow - Frankfurt

BA920/BA921 London Heathrow - Stuttgart

BA938/BA939 London Heathrow - Dusseldorf

BA1390/BA1395 London Heathrow - Manchester

21st November 2011 - G-STBE First Flight.

Boeing 777-36NER G-STBE made its first flight from Paine Field today as BOE084.

21st November 2011  - G-YMMR Returns to Heathrow.

Boeing 777-236ER G-YMMR positioned London Gatwick - London Heathrow this evening as BA9159.

21st November 2011 - Cairo Cancellations.

The BA155 London Heathrow - Cairo has been cancelled on 28 November, 2 December and 7 December with the return BA154 cancelled on 29 November, 3 December and 8 December.

21st November 2011 - More Fog Cancellations.

As a result of disruptions caused by yesterday’s fog at London Heathrow the following flights are cancelled:

BA262 Riyadh - London Heathrow

BA423 Amsterdam - London Heathrow

BA499 Lisbon - London Heathrow

BA551 Rome Fiumicino - London Heathrow

BA561 Milan Linate - London Heathrow

BA699 Vienna - London Heathrow

BA709 Zurich - London Heathrow

BA723 Geneva - London Heathrow

BA751 Basel - London Heathrow

BA771 Stockholm Arlanda - London Heathrow

BA853 Prague - London Heathrow

BA901 Frankfurt - London Heathrow

BA935 Dusseldorf - London Heathrow

BA963 Hamburg - London Heathrow

BA1301 Aberdeen - London Heathrow

BA1321 Newcastle - London Heathrow

BA1435 Edinburgh - London Heathrow

BA1475 Glasgow - London Heathrow

The following rotations from London Heathrow are also cancelled:

BA306 London Heathrow - Paris CDG

BA346/BA347 London Heathrow - Nice

BA394/BA395 London Heathrow - Brussels

BA438/BA439 London Heathrow - Amsterdam

BA578/BA579 London Heathrow - Venice

BA600/BA601 London Heathrow - Pisa

BA712/BA713 London Heathrow - Zurich

BA778/BA779 London Heathrow - Stockholm Arlanda

BA794/BA799 London Heathrow - Helsinki

BA814/BA815 London Heathrow - Copenhagen

BA906/BA907 London Heathrow - Frankfurt

BA950/BA951 London Heathrow - Munich

BA1390/BA1395 London Heathrow - Manchester

BA1474 London Heathrow - Glasgow.

BA115/BA176 London Heathrow - New York JFK is also cancelled but this is understood to be due to a technical issue with the rostered aircraft.

20th November 2011 - G-CIVZ Returns from Cardiff.

Boeing 747-436 G-CIVZ positioned Cardiff-Wales - London Heathrow today as BA9172. This aircraft is confirmed as having New First.

20th November 2011 - 767 Charters and Diversion.

Two Boeing 767-300ER London Heathrow - Venice return charters were operated today with G-BNWA operating as BA9220/BA9221 and G-BNWZ operating as BA9230/BA9231. The BA9230/BA9231 appears to have diverted to Verona with passengers being transferred by road.



11th November 2011 - BA2 & BA4 Gatwick Diversions and Club World London City Cancellations.

BA2 and BA4 New York JFK - London City operated by A318s G-EUNA and G-EUNB both diverted to London Gatwick this morning due to fog at London City. Neither aircraft positioned to London City meaning that the BA1 and BA3 London City - Shannon - New York JFK and BA2 New York JFK - London City have been cancelled today.

11th November 2011 - Heathrow Cancellations.

The BA7 London Heathrow - Tokyo Haneda  has been cancelled today due to a lack of available Rolls-Royce engined 4 Class 777-200ERs. Tomorrow’s inbound BA8 will operate and will be flown by Boeing 777-236ER G-YMMI which will position to Tokyo Haneda from Sydney as BA16X. The BA239/BA238 London Heathrow - Boston rotation was also cancelled.

10th November 2011 - G-YMMI Sydney Technical Issue.

Boeing 777-236ER G-YMMI arrived into Sydney this morning as BA15 but the return BA16 has been cancelled indicating a technical issue with the aircraft.

10th November 2011 - 2012 European Extras.

Additional European flights have been loaded for the Summer 2012 season. Highlight is the launch of daily London Heathrow - Bologna A319 services from 29 April to the following schedule:

BA540 London Heathrow 0930 - Bologna 1235

BA541 Bologna 1335 - London Heathrow 1445.

Amsterdam gets an extra A319 rotation as follows:

BA432 London Heathrow 1900 - Amsterdam 2110

BA433 Amsterdam 2225 - London Heathrow 2225.

Brussels gets an extra A319 rotation as follows:

BA394 London Heathrow 1240 - Brussels 1445

BA395 Brussels 1525 - London Heathrow 1535.

9th November 2011 - G-BNLF Returns from Vancouver.

Boeing 747-436 G-BNLF, out of service at Vancouver since 7 November, departed for London Heathrow in the early hours of this morning as the delayed BA84 from 7 November using callsign BA9608.

8th November 2011 - G-BZHB Returns from Dubai.

European configuration Boeing 767-336ER G-BZHB, which has been stuck in Dubai since suffering a technical issue on 5 November having substituted for an International configuration aircraft, positioned back to London Heathrow today as BA9172.

8th November 2011 - 767 Athens Charters.

Two London Heathrow - Athens return charters operated today; BA9220/BA9221 operated by Boeing 767-336ER G-BNWB and BA9230/BA9231 operated by sister G-BZHA.

7th November 2011 - G-BNLF Vancouver Technical Issue.

Boeing 747-436 G-BNLF arrived into Vancouver today as BA85 but the return BA84 has been delayed by 24 hours indicating a technical issue with the aircraft.

13th November 2011 - G-EUNA Positions to London City.

Airbus A318 G-EUNA positioned London Gatwick - London City as BA9271 before taking up service to Shannon and New York JFK as BA3.

13th November 2011 - G-YMMA to Cardiff Maintenance.

Boeing 777-236ER G-YMMA positioned London Heathrow - Cardiff-Wales this morning as BA9171.

7th November 2011 - Two To Cardiff Maintenance.

Boeing 747-436 G-CIVZ positioned London Heathrow - Cardiff-Wales today as BA9171. Following shortly afterwards was Boeing 777-236ER G-RAES positioning as BA9173.

7th November 2011 - G-EUPF Brussels Technical Issue.

Airbus A319 G-EUPF operated BA388 London Heathrow - Brussels this morning but the return BA391 was cancelled. The aircraft positioned back to Heathrow around four hours after its scheduled departure from Brussels using the BA391 callsign.

6th November 2011 - Jeddah Gets Euro 767 Again.

Tonight’s BA133/BA132 London Heathrow - Jeddah rotation was operated by European configuration Boeing 767-336ER G-BZHA.

6th November 2011 - Gatwick 737 Diversions.

Boeing 737-436 G-DOCS operating BA2956 London Gatwick - Glasgow diverted via Edinburgh today. Sister G-DOCE operating BA606 London Gatwick - Naples diverted via Rome Fiumicino.

6th November 2011 - G-BNWV Jeddah - Dubai switch.

With European configuration sister suffering a technical issue at Dubai Boeing 767-336ER G-BNWV positioned Jeddah - Dubai as BA132P this morning in order to operate yesterday’s BA104 Dubai - London Heathrow as BA104X. As a result BA132 Jeddah - London Heathrow is cancelled.

5th November 2011 - Euro 767 Stranded in Dubai.

European configuration Boeing 767-336ER G-BZHB arrived into Dubai this morning as BA105 but the return BA104 has been cancelled due to a technical issue.

4th November 2011 - Tel Aviv Gets Euro 767.

The BA163/BA162 London Heathrow - Tel Aviv rotation was tonight operated by European configuration Boeing 767-336ER G-BNWA.

4th November 2011 - Dubai Gets Euro 767.

The BA105/BA104 London Heathrow - Dubai rotation departing this evening was operated by European configuration Boeing 767-336ER G-BZHB.

4th November 2011 - 777 to Istanbul.

The BA676/BA677 London Heathrow - Istanbul rotation was operated by 4 Class Boeing 777-236ER G-VIIU today in place of the usual Boeing 767-300ER. We understand that scheduled aircraft G-BZHB suffered a technical problem at London Heathrow prior to the flight.

4th November 2011 - G-GBTB BA2688 Turin Diversion.

Boeing 737-436 G-GBTB operating BA2688 London Gatwick - Genoa diverted to Turin due to strike action at Genoa. The aircraft then returned to London Gatwick as BA9250.

4th November 2011 - IAG bmi Deal Close.

British Airways’ parent IAG has reached agreement with Lufthansa to purchase bmi British Midland International for a reported £300 million. The sale remains subject to a binding purchase agreement, due diligence and clearance by antitrust authorities. bmi British Midland International owns 8.5% of London Heathrow slots and has a shorthaul Airbus fleet fully compatible with BA’s own. British Airways will also be keen to bring the former British Mediterranean Airways routes back under the BA banner. The deal would be solely for bmi British Midland International mainline and would not include bmi Regional or low cost bmibaby. Predictably Virgin Atlantic has made its usual noises about lack of competition at Heathrow proving disastrous for customer choice.

3rd November 2011 - Singapore Airlines Incident Causes BA Cancellation.

As a knock on effect of an incident in which Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER 9V-SWG exited the runway onto the grass on landing at Munich the BA956/BA957 London Heathrow - Munich rotation was cancelled today.

3rd November 2011 - Jeddah Gets Euro 767.

The BA133/BA132 London Heathrow - Jeddah rotation was operated by European configuration Boeing 767-336ER G-BNWB today.

3rd November 2011 - Lagos Flights under threat in Landing Rights Row.

British Airways flights from London Heathrow - Lagos could be slashed from seven to three per week from next Tuesday 8 November after the Nigerian government withdrew rights to operate on the other days. The row stems from Nigeria’s Arik Air being unable to utilise all its permitted 21 flights per week from Nigeria - UK into London Heathrow due to lack of available slots. To make matters more inconvenient for British Airways the three permitted Lagos slots have been switched from a 1730 landing and 2245 take off to a 0600 landing and a 1000 take off.

2nd November 2011 - G-BNLZ Unicef Flight.

Boeing 747-436 G-BNLZ operated a flight on behalf of Unicef today routing London Heathrow - Copenhagen - Nairobi as BA9116. The aircraft will position Nairobi - London Heathrow tomorrow.

2nd November 2011 - Warsaw Cancellations.

With Warsaw airport still closed the BA846/BA847 and BA850/BA851 London Heathrow - Warsaw rotations are both cancelled today.

1st November 2011 - G-EUYJ BA850 Krakow Diversion.

Following a gear up landing at Warsaw by LOT Polish Airlines Boeing 767-300ER SP-LPC Warsaw airport has been closed and Airbus A320 G-EUYJ operating BA850 London Heathrow - Warsaw has diverted to Krakow. The aircraft returned Krakow - London Heathrow as BA851.

The BA Source - News Archive.

20th November 2011 - Heathrow Fog Diversion & Cancellations.

Severe fog at London Heathrow caused the following diversions:

BA46 Dar Es Salaam - London Heathrow operated by Boeing 767-336ER G-BNWI diverted via London Stansted.

BA262 Riyadh - London Heathrow operated by Boeing 777-236 G-ZZZC diverted via Cardiff-Wales.

BA719 Stuttgart - London Heathrow operated by Airbus A319 G-EUPV diverted to London Luton.

Additionally the following rotations were cancelled today:

BA189/BA188 London Heathrow - Newark

BA263 London Heathrow - Riyadh

BA316/BA323 London Heathrow - Paris CDG

BA336/BA337 London Heahrow - Paris Orly

BA338 London Heathrow - Paris Orly

BA347 Nice - London Heathrow

BA352 London Heathrow - Nice

BA396/BA397 London Heathrow - Brussels

BA404/BA401 London Heathrow - Brussels

BA438/BA439 London Heathrow - Amsterdam

BA440/BA441 London Heathrow - Amsterdam

BA442/BA443 London Heathrow - Amsterdam

BA444 London Heathrow - Amsterdam

BA470/BA471 London Heathrow Barcelona

BA504 London Heathrow - Lisbon

BA558  London Heathrow - Rome Fiumicino

BA560/BA559 London Heathrow - Rome Fiumicino

BA570 London Heathrow - Milan Linate

BA706 London Heathrow - Vienna

BA720 London Heathrow - Zurich

BA732/BA733 London Heathrow - Geneva

BA738 London Heathrow - Geneva

BA756 London Heathrow - Basel

BA768/BA769 London Heathrow - Oslo

BA782/BA783 London Heathrow - Stockholm Arlanda

BA786 London Heathrow - Stockholm Arlanda

BA792/BA793 London Heathrow - Gothenburg

BA818/BA819 London Heathrow - Copenhagen

BA858 London Heathrow - Prague

BA874/BA875 London Heathrow - Moscow Domedodovo.

BA910/BA911 London Heathrow - Frankfurt

BA916 London Heathrow - Frankfurt

BA944/BA945 London Heathrow - Dusseldorf

BA946 London Heathrow - Dusseldorf

BA954/BA955 London Heathrow - Munich

BA956/BA957 London Heathrow - Munich

BA958 London Heathrow - Munich

BA972 London Heathrow - Hamburg

BA984/BA985 London Heathrow - Berlin Tegel

BA1314/BA1315 London Heathrow - Aberdeen

BA1318 London Heathrow - Aberdeen

BA1332/BA1333  London Heathrow - Newcastle

BA1338 London Heathrow - Newcastle

BA1394/BA1399 London Heathrow - Manchester

BA1452/BA1459 London Heathrow - Edinburgh

BA1464 London Heathrow - Edinburgh

BA1488/BA1495 London Heathrow - Glasgow

BA1494 London Heathrow - Glasgow.

19th November 2011 - G-BNWN BA94 St Johns Diversion.

Boeing 767-336ER G-BNWN operating BA94 Montreal - London Heathrow diverted via St Johns, Newfoundland in what appears to have been a medical diversion.

19th November 2011 - G-EUXI Positions to Glasgow.

Airbus A321 G-EUXI, under maintenance at Prestwick since 21 October, positioned Prestwick - Glasgow today as BA9251.

19th November 2011 - G-YMMR Moves to Gatwick.

Three Class Boeing 777-236ER G-YMMR positioned London Heathrow - London Gatwick this morning as BA9157 immediately taking up service as BA2167 London Gatwick - Tampa.

19th November 2011 - Gatwick Non Op.

The BA2037/BA2036 London Gatwick - Orlando rotation will not operate today.

18th November 2011 - New York Non Op.

The BA115/BA114 London Heathrow - New York JFK rotation did not operate today.

18th November 2011 - BA Fined as Nigeria Row Hots Up.

Followings its late decision not to reduce British Airways’ landing rights at Lagos from 7 to 3 per week until 1 January 2012 the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority has now announced that it is to fine British Airways £135 Million and Virgin Atlantic £100 Million over alleged price fixing. The basis of the alleged price fixing is that fares to and from Nigeria have historically been more expensive than those to and from neighbouring Ghana. Both British Airways and Virgin Atlantic deny the charges.

17th November 2011 - Kuwait Cancellation.

Tonight’s BA157/BA156 London Heathrow - Kuwait rotation was cancelled due to the lack of an available Boeing 747-400.

17th November 2011 - Italy Flight Cancellations.

Due to strikes in Italy the following rotations have been cancelled today: BA576/BA577 London Heathrow - Milan Linate and BA554/BA555 London Heathrow - Rome Fiumicino.

16th November 2011 - G-BNWO Ferries from Johannesburg.

Boeing 767-336ER G-BNWO departed Johannesburg this evening to position back to London Heathrow as BA9156. The aircraft suffered a technical issue in Lusaka on 14 November and had positioned to Johannesburg for repair.

16th November 2011 - BA11 747 Swap.

BA11 London Heathrow - Singapore was scheduled to be operated by Hi-J Boeing 747-436 G-BYGA tonight but a fuel leak and defective emergency lighting were identified before boarding. Mid-J sister G-BNLJ was therefore brought in from the engineering base and operated the flight around 3½ hours late.

15th November 2011 - G-BNWO Johannesburg Ferry Flight.

Boeing 767-336ER G-BNWO, which suffered a technical problem at Lusaka yesterday, was ferried Lusaka - Johannesburg for repair today.

15th November 2011 - Dubai 767 Cancellation.

A lack of available Boeing 767-300ERs has caused the cancellation of today’s BA105/BA104 London Heathrow - Dubai rotation.

14th November 2011 - G-EUUF BA490 Malaga Diversion.

Airbus A320 G-EUUF operating BA490 London Heathrow - Gibraltar diverted to Malaga today. The aircraft will operate Malaga - London Heathrow as BA491 once passengers have been bussed from Gibraltar.

14th November 2011 - G-BNWO Lusaka Technical Issue.

Boeing 767-336ER G-BNWO arrived into Lusaka today as BA255 from London Heathrow but the return BA254 has been cancelled indicating a technical issue with the aircraft.

14th November 2011 - G-BNWZ BA662 Paphos Diversion.

BA662 London Heathrow - Larnaca operated by Boeing 767-336ER G-BNWZ diverted to Paphos today. BA663 Larnaca - London Heathrow is therefore cancelled.

14th November 2011 - Club World London Gatwick.

Fog at London City caused both the BA2 and BA4 New York JFK - London City services to divert to London Gatwick. The flights were operated by G-EUNB and G-EUNA respectively. The aircraft remain at London Gatwick and BA1, BA2, BA3 and BA4 are all cancelled today.

14th November 2011 - G-EUPE BA948 Stuttgart Diversion.

Airbus A319 G-EUPE operating BA948 London Heathrow - Munich diverted to Stuttgart this morning after circling north-west of Munich for some time.

14th November 2011 - Heathrow Non Ops.

The BA7/BA8 London Heathrow - Tokyo Haneda and BA194/BA193 London Heathrow - Houston rotations are not operating today.

12th November 2011 - G-YMMR Returns to Heathrow.

With Boeing 777-236ER G-YMMB returning to London Gatwick from maintenance at Cardiff-Wales sister G-YMMR this evening positioned London Gatwick - London Heathrow as BA9175.

12th November 2011 - G-EUNB positions to New York.

Airbus A318 G-EUNB positioned London Gatwick - Shannon - New York JFK this afternoon in order to be in position to operate one of the two Sunday evening New York JFK - London City services.

12th November 2011 - G-YMMB Back from Cardiff Maintenance.

Boeing 777-236ER G-YMMB positioned Cardiff-Wales - London Gatwick this afternoon as BA9174.

12th November 2011 - IAG Investors Document reveals Fleet Plan.

A institutional investors presentation given by IAG in Madrid revealed the following plans for the BA fleet between now and 2015.

A380 - 9 aircraft operational by 2015.

Boeing 747-400 - Fleet to reduce from current 52 aircraft to 45 aircraft.

Boeing 777 (all types) - Fleet to increase from current 51 aircraft (including yet to be delivered G-STBE) to 54 aircraft. The extra three aircraft to be G-STBF and the two confirmed Boeing 777-300ER options.

Boeing 787-800 - 16 aircraft operational by 2015.

Boeing 767-300ER - The longhaul fleet will reduce from 14 aircraft to 1 aircraft.

A318 - Fleet to remain at 2 aircraft.

Airbus A319/A320/A321 - Fleet to increase from 84 to 95 aircraft.

Other shorthaul - The current fleet of 39 comprising 7 x Boeing 767-300, 19 x Boeing 737-400,  7 x E190s and 6 x E170s will reduce to 34 aircraft indicating withdrawal of 5 aircraft from the Boeing 767-300 and/or Boeing 737-400 fleets.