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British Airways News October 2010

31st October 2010 - A319s return to Heathrow.

The three Airbus A319 aircraft which had been based at London Gatwick all returned to Heathrow over the weekend. G-EUOG positioned as BA9251 yesterday and today saw G-EUOB position in as BA9251 and G-EUOE as BA9253. This means that despite the withdrawal of the Boeing 757s the Heathrow shorthaul fleet has a nett gain of one aircraft with the arrival of the three A319s and new A320 G-EUYJ.

31st October 2010 - 767 G-BNWR technical issues in Calgary.

Boeing 767-336ER G-BNWR returned to London Heathrow this morning as BA9603 having operated to Calgary as BA103 on 29th October and going tech in Canada. BA102 Calgary - London of 29th October was cancelled.

30th October 2010 - Final Boeing 757 flights.

The Boeing 757-200 bowed out of BA passenger service today:

G-CPER operated:

BA496 London Heathrow - Malaga

BA497 Malaga - London Heathrow

BA480 London Heathrow - Barcelona

BA481 Barcelona - London Heathrow

G-CPES operated:

BA696 London Heathrow - Vienna

BA697 Vienna - London Heathrow

BA460 London Heathrow - Madrid

BA461 Madrid - London Heathrow

G-CPET operated:

BA1384 London Heathrow - Manchester

BA1389 Manchester - London Heathrow

BA1482 London Heathrow - Glasgow

BA1487 Glasgow - London Heathrow

BA1454 London Heathrow - Edinburgh

BA1463 Edinburgh - London Heathrow.

BA1463 was the final BA 757 passenger flight and left Edinburgh with a full thrust take-off and routed over Stokesay Castle, which G-CPET had been named after for the last month. Passengers were handed certificates and were met at London Heathrow by a water cannon salute.

29th October 2010 - BA Back in Profit.

British Airways have announced Q2 2010 results the highlights of which are:

Profit before tax £158M against £292M loss in 2009.

Revenue up £345M.

Costs down 1.5%.

Operating profit £298M against £111M loss in 2009.

28th October 2010 - A320 G-EUYJ Delivered to London Heathrow.

Airbus A320 G-EUYJ was delivered from Toulouse to London Heathrow today.

28th October 2010 - 767-300 G-BNWC back in Service.

Boeing 767-336 G-BNWC returned to service today operating BA103 to Calgary. This aircraft has been in maintenance at London Heathrow since 15th September.

28th October 2010 - 777 Cardiff Maintenance swap.

Boeing 777-236 G-YMMJ positioned London Heathrow - Cardiff-Wales as BA9171. Boeing 777-236 G-YMMK positioned Cardiff-Wales - London Heathrow as BA9170. This aircraft has New First fitted and is now in 12F/48J/32W/127Y configuration.

28th October 2010 - 777-200 G-YMMU back at London Heathrow.

3 Class Boeing 777-236 returned to Heathrow as BA9159 yesterday after operating just one return flight from London Gatwick and took up service today as BA119 to Bangalore.

26th October 2010 - 777-200 G-YMMU back at London Gatwick.

3 Class Boeing 777-236 G-YMMU positioned from London Heathrow - London Gatwick today as BA9172 taking up service immediately as BA2233 to Bermuda. This route is normally operated by a 4 Class aircraft and we suspect the swap may indicate that G-VIIA has gone tech.

26th October 2010 - 747-436 G-BNLS operates 2010 Dreamflights.

Boeing 737-436 G-BNLS operated both 2010 Dreamflights. On 17th October the aircraft operated London Heathrow - Orlando as BA9117 returning empty as BA9150. On 25th October the aircraft returned to Orlando empty as BA9151 returning to London Heathrow as BA9118. For details of the Dreamflight charity please see

25th October 2010 - 747 Cardiff Maintenance Swap.

Boeing 747-436 G-BNLY positioned London Heathrow - Cardiff Wales as BA9171. Sister G-BYGF positioned Cardiff-Wales - London Heathrow as BA9151.

24th October 2010 - BA48 Seattle - London 747-400 G-CIVS flight cancelled.

Unknown technical issues caused the cancellation of BA48 Seattle - London Heathrow of 23rd October. The aircraft scheduled to operate the flight, Boeing 747-436 G-CIVS returned to the UK departing Seattle on 24th October as BA9602.

22nd October 2010 - Cardiff maintenance movements.

Boeing 747-436 G-BYGA positioned London Heathrow - Cardiff-Wales as BA9172.

Boeing 747-436 G-BNLO positioned Cardiff-Wales - London Heathrow as BA9171. This has been re-fitted with the new First cabin.

Boeing 777-236 G-ZZZB positioned Cardiff-Wales - London Heathrow as BA9178.

22nd October 2010 - Titan 146 G-ZAPN in for BA Cityflyer.

Titan BAe146-200 G-ZAPN operated for BA CityFlyer from London City alongside G-ZAPO. It appears that E170 G-LCYI was out of service.

21st October 2010 - Titan 146 G-ZAPO works for Cityfler all week.

Titan BAe146-200 has been working CityFlyer services from London City all week this week.

21st October 2010 - New First Rolls Royce 777s confirmed as 12F.

It has been confirmed that the Rolls Royce engined 4 Class Boeing 777 fleet will have their First cabin reduced from 13 to 12 seats when New First is fitted. Seat 4F will be removed. The New First seat is slightly bigger than the previous seat and there is no room for 4F by the crew rest area.

British Airways Boeing 757-236 G-CPET in retro livery October 2010.

10th October 2010 - Boeing 747-400 G-BYGC to Cardiff Maintenance.

Boeing 747-436 G-BYGC positioned London Heathrow - Cardiff-Wales today as BA9170.

8th October 2010 - Boeing 747-400 G-BYGA returns from Cardiff Maintenance.

Boeing 747-436 G-BYGA positioned Cardiff-Wales - London Heathrow as BA9173.

8th October 2010 - Boeing 747-436 G-CIVW operates LA Lakers Charter.

Boeing 747-436 G-CIVW operated BA9150 London Heathrow - Barcelona to collect the LA Lakers basketball team. It then flew as BA9116 Barcelona - Los Angeles where it received a water cannon salute. The aircraft then returned to normal service operating BA268 to London Heathrow. BA269 London Heathrow - Los Angeles did not operate.

8th October 2010 - 777-200 Swap sees New First at London Gatwick.

4 Class Boeing 777-236 G-VIIB positioned London Gatwick - London Heathrow today as BA9174, taking up service as BA263 to Riyadh. In return 4 Class sister ship G-VIIU positioned London Heathrow - London Gatwick as BA9172 before taking up service as BA2233 to Bermuda. G-VIIU is fitted with the new BA First cabin, the first time this has appeared on a service from London Gatwick.

8th October 2010 - BA2 diverted to London Gatwick.

This morning’s BA2 arrival (Departure from JFK 7th October) operated by A318 G-EUNB has diverted to London Gatwick after circling London City for some time. All London City operations are affected by fog. The aircraft positioned London Gatwick to London City as BA9155.

7th October 2010 - 777-200 G-YMMN returns from JFK stay.

Boeing 777-236ER G-YMMN positioned New York JFK - London Heathrow today as BA9154. The aircraft operated to JFK on 2nd as BA179 and appears to have gone tech whilst at JFK. BA178 of 3rd October was cancelled and aircraft did not fly again until today.

7th October 2010 - 747-400 Cardiff maintenance swap.

Boeing 747-436 G-BNLO positioned London Heathrow - Cardiff-Wales as BA9170. Sister G-CIVG positioned Cardiff-Wales - London Heathrow as BA9171.

6th October 2010 - 747-400 G-CIVR in medical return to London Heathrow.

Boeing 747-436 G-CIVR operating BA107 to Dubai returned to London Heathrow when a passenger became ill around 35 minutes into the flight. The same aircraft operated the revised flight arriving in Dubai around 4 hours late.

6th October 2010 - BA/AA/IB Trans-Atlantic partnership announce four new routes:

British Airways, American Airlines and Iberia announced four new routes today as their three way Trans-Atlantic partnership was launched in London. The new routes commence in April 2012 and are New York JFK - Budapest and Chicago - Helsinki to be operated by AA, Madrid - Los Angeles to be operated by Iberia and London Heathrow - San Diego to be operated by BA.

The BA flight will be operated by 3 Class Boeing 777-200ER aircraft on the following timings:

BA273 London Heathrow 1505 - San Diego 1815

BA272 San Diego 2005 - London Heathrow 1425+1.

5th October 2010 - British Airways August 2010 Headline Figures.

Revenue Passenger Kilometres increased by 1.3%.

Available Passenger Kilometres increased by 0.3%.

Load factor increased 0.9% to 82.4%.

Premium Traffic increased by 4.3%.

Non Premium Traffic increased by 0.7%.

Cargo Tonne Kilometres increased by 1.4%.

All figures in comparison to September 2009.

4th October 2010 - A319 G-EUOG operates from London Gatwick.

Whilst we have been unable to log any ferry flight from London Heathrow Airbus A319 G-EUOG has been operating from London Gatwick for the past two days operating to Paphos on 3rd October and Naples today.

4th October 2010 - A319 G-EUOA operates from London Gatwick.

Airbus A319 positioned from London Heathrow - London Gatwick as BA9250 on 3rd October and today operated the BA7983/7984 Gatwick - Bordeaux, BA2598/2599 Gatwick - Verona and BA2910/2911 Gatwick - Manchester rotations before positioning back to London Heathrow as BA9251.

4th October 2010 - 747-400 G-CIVG to Cardiff maintenance.

Boeing 747-436 G-CIVG positioned from London Heathrow - Cardiff-Wales as BA9175.

3rd October 2010 - 757-236 G-CPET emerges from paintshop in Retro Livery.

Boeing 757-236 G-CPET was unveiled today in the Negus livery that the early British Airways 757s were delivered in.

3rd October 2010 - 747-400 G-CIVF returns from Cardiff maintenance.

Boeing 747-436 G-CIVF positioned from Cardiff-Wales - London Heathrow as BA9176.

3rd October 2010 - 777-200 G-VIIU positions to Cardiff for Ryder Cup Charter.

Boeing 777-236 G-VIIU positioned London Heathrow - Cardiff-Wales as BA9152. This aircraft is to fly the US Ryder Cup team back to the States.

3rd October 2010 - 747-400 G-CIVK BA10 problems in Sydney.

Boeing 747-436 G-CIVK was unable to depart on 2nd October due to technical problems and departed on 3rd October. However problems with the flaps prompted the crew to level off and return to Sydney, landing back around 90 minutes after departure.

3rd October 2010 - New Gatwick 737-400 seating configuration.

Some members of the Gatwick Boeing 737-400 are being fitted with Spacesaver seats. These seats permit an extra row of seats to be fitted increasing the seating capacity from 147 to 153. However, in normal operation seats 1B, 2B, 3B and 4B will not be used and these seats will normally remain in Club Europe configuration, even if in use on UK Domestic services. This reduces the seating capacity from 153 to 149 which is the maximum permitted with three members of cabin crew.

2nd October 2010 - 747-400 G-CIVX in emergency return to Heathrow.

Boeing 747-436 G-CIVX performing flight BA117 from London Heathrow - New York JFK climbed to just 1500 feet on take off from Heathrow’s runway 27R then levelled off and turned for runway 27L landing just 9 minutes after take off. The emergency was due to an indication that a door was open. The landing was overweight causing concern of tyres overheating so the aircraft was attended by fire trucks. The flight was eventually operated by Boeing 747-436 G-CIVM.

2nd October 2010 - 777-200 G-YMME returns to service.

3 Class Boeing 777-236 G-YMME returned to service today operating BA119 to Bangalore. The aircraft has been out of service at London Heathrow since 28th August 2010.

19th October 2010 - Gatwick Shorthaul Summer 2011 Changes.

The following changes to the Gatwick shorthaul operation for Summer 2011 became apparent today. All comparisons against Summer 2010.

Routes suspended.

London Gatwick - Izmir

London Gatwick - Antalya

London Gatwick - Varna.

Routes with reduced frequencies.

London Gatwick - Manchester from 35 to 28 per week.

London Gatwick - Ibiza from 8 to 7 per week.

London Gatwick - Turn from 7 to 6 per week.

London Gatwick - Thessaloniki from 5 to 4 per week.

Routes with increased frequencies.

London Gatwick - Rome Fiumicino from 13 to 14 per week.

London Gatwick - Pisa from 7 to 14 per week.

New route at London Gatwick

London - Malaga switches from London Heathrow to London Gatwick and will increase from 14 to 28 per week.

19th October 2010 - BA exercise options for two E190 jets.

British Airways today announced that it has converted two of its three options for further Embraer E190s for BA Cityflyer to firm orders. The two new aircraft are expected to enter service in Spring 2011.

19th October 2010 - BA Cityflyer announces new London City - Stockholm service.

BA Cityflyer today announced a new double daily service between London City and Stockholm Arlanda to commence on January 9th 2011. Flight timings are:

BA8491 LCY 0910 ARN 1240  X6/7

BA8493 LCY 1855 ARN 2230  X6

BA8490 ARN 0700 LCY 0840  X7

BA8492 ARN 1645 LCY 1825 X6/7

Flights are scheduled to be operated by E170 aircraft.

18th October 2010 - Third BA 777-300 G-STBC makes first flight.

Boeing 777-300 G-STBC made its first flight today as N6018N positioning from Boeing Field to Portland, OR for painting.

18th October 2010 - 777-200 G-VIIW returns to London Heathrow.

Boeing 777-236ER positioned London Gatwick - London Heathrow this morning as BA9157 before taking up service to Washington as BA295.

18th October 2010 - 747 Cardiff maintenance swap.

Boeing 747-436 G-BYGF positioned London Heathrow - Cardiff-Wales as BA9172. Sister G-BYGC positioned Cardiff-Wales - London Heathrow as BA9171.

16th October 2010 - 777-200 G-VIIW at London Gatwick.

4 Class New First fitted Boeing 777-236ER G-VIIW positioned from London Heathrow - London Gatwick as BA9156 before taking up service as BA2233 to Bermuda.

15th October 2010 - 777-300 announced for Tokyo Narita service.

From 28th March 2011 the BA5/6 London Heathrow - Tokyo Narita rotation will switch from Boeing 747-400 to Boeing 777-300 operation.

15th October 2010 - 777 on European Service.

4 Class Boeing 777-200 G-VIIC operated the BA560/559 London Heathrow - Rome Fiumicino rotation in place of the usual Boeing 767-300.

15th October 2010 - 777s Swap Bases.

Following last week’s swap Boeing 777-236s G-VIIB and G-VIIU positioned back to their usual bases this morning. G-VIIB as BA9172 from London Heathrow - London Gatwick and G-VIIU as BA9174 from London Gatwick - London Heathrow.

14th October 2010 - 777s Swap Bases.

3 Class Boeing 777-236ER G-YMMU moved from London Gatwick - London Heathrow last night and took up service today as BA275 to Las Vegas today. The aircraft had been at London Gatwick since 23rd September 2010 and had been used exclusively on the Male and Sharm El Sheik routes. Meanwhile 3 Class 777-236ER G-YMMB has transferred from London Heathrow - London Gatwick as BA9170. However the BA2055 Sharm El Sheik service which this aircraft was expected to operate was flown by 3 Class Gatwick configuration 777-236ER G-VIIT.

13th October 2010 - 777-200 G-YMMK to Cardiff maintenance.

Boeing 777-300 G-YMMK positioned London Heathrow - Cardiff-Wales as BA9170 today. This aircraft is expected to have New First fitted whilst at Cardiff.

13th October 2010 - 747 G-CIVH returns from Cardiff maintenance.

Boeing 747-436 G-CIVH positioned Cardiff-Wales - London Heathrow as BA9171. This aircraft has New First.

12th October 2010 - Final Day Boeing 757 flights finalised.

The Boeing 757-200 will be retired from British Airways service on Saturday 30th October with all three aircraft scheduled to be in operation. The planned flights are:

Aircraft 1:

BA496 London Heathrow 0650 - Malaga 1040

BA497 Malaga 1135 - London Heathrow 1315

BA480 London Heathrow 1525 - Barcelona 1830

BA481 Barcelona 1920 - London Heathrow 2035.

Aircraft 2:

BA696 London Heathrow 0740 - Vienna 1055

BA697 Vienna 1150 - London Heathrow 1310

BA460 London Heathrow 1410 - Madrid 1730

Madrid 1835 - London Heathrow 1950

Aircraft 3:

BA1384 London Heathrow 0745 - Manchester 0840

BA1389 Manchester 1000 - London Heathrow 1105

BA1482 London Heathrow 1215 - Glasgow 1340

BA1487 Glasgow 1425 - London Heathrow 1545

BA1454 London Heathrow 1725 - Edinburgh 1850

BA1462 Edinburgh 1935 - London Heathrow 2100.

Retro livered G-CPET ‘Stokesay Castle’ is expected to operate the UK Shuttle flights.

10th October 2010 - New London Gatwick - San Juan, Puerto Rico route announced.

British Airways will begin a new service from London Gatwick - San Juan, Puerto Rico from March 28th 2011. The route will operate twice weekly as an extension of the Monday and Friday BA2157/BA2156 flights to Antigua and will be operated by 3 Class Boeing 777-200 aircraft. As a result the present extension to Tobago will not run from Antigua and will instead run from Barbados on Thursday and Saturday as BA2153/2152.

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