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31st October 2011 - G-ZZZC Back from Cardiff Maintenance.

Boeing 777-236 G-ZZZC positioned Cardiff-Wales - London Heathrow today as BA9171. This aircraft is not expected to have been fitted with New First but this is not yet confirmed.

31st October 2011 - BA38 Delay.

BA38 Beijing - London Heathrow scheduled to be operated by Boeing 747-438 G-CIVX was delayed due to fog and will operate tomorrow as BA38X.

31st October 2011 - G-BNLZ Gets Crested.

Boeing 747-436 G-BNLZ, which has been out of service at London Heathrow since 20 October, re-entered traffic today as BA119 London Heathrow - Bangalore having had the “To Fly To Serve” crest added.

30th October 2011 - G-STBD Enters Service.

Boeing 777-36NER G-STBD entered service this evening operating BA27 London Heathrow - Hong Kong. This is a new 777-300 route for the Winter timetable.

30th October 2011 - G-EUUU Positions Back to Heathrow.

Airbus A320 G-EUUU positioned London Gatwick - London Heathrow this afternoon as BA9257.

30th October 2011 - G-VIIM Positions Home.

Boeing 777-236ER G-VIIM positioned Boston - London Heathrow today as BA9607.

30th October 2011 - G-STBD to London Heathrow.

New Boeing 777-36NER G-STBD positioned Cardiff-Wales - London Heathrow today as BA9172 ready for service entry.

30th October 2011 - G-YMMR to London Gatwick.

With G-YMMB heading to Cardiff Three Class Boeing 777-236ER G-YMMR positioned London Heathrow - London Gatwick today as BA9174.

30th October 2011 - G-YMMB to Cardiff Maintenance.

Boeing 777-236ER G-YMMB positioned London Gatwick - Cardiff-Wales today as BA9173.

30th October 2011 - Upgraded World Traveller Plus Meal Service.

From the start of the new timetable today World Traveller Plus passengers will be provided with an enhanced meal service over the standard World Traveller meals previously provided.

30th October 2011 - Heathrow Terminal Swaps.

From today British Airways flights from London Heathrow to Bucharest, Budapest, Larnaca, Prague and Warsaw will switch from Terminal 5 to Terminal 3.

All flights from London Heathrow to Barcelona and flights to Madrid numbered BA455 - BA465 inclusive will switch from Terminal 3 to Terminal 5.

30th October 2011 - G-BNWY Entebbe Return.

Boeing 767-336ER G-BNWY operating BA62 Entebbe - London Heathrow returned to Entebbe today due to an undisclosed technical issue. It is expected to operate later tonight.

29th October 2011 - G-VIIM Boston Diversion.

Boeing 777-236ER G-VIIM operating BA185 London Heathrow - Newark diverted to Boston today. The return BA184 was cancelled.

29th October 2011 - G-YMMP Brings Royals Home.

Boeing 777-236ER arrived into Heathrow late this evening having operated as BA9104 Perth - London Heathrow direct carrying HM Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip back from the CHOGM meeting in Perth.

29th October 2011 - Gatwick Summer 319s Head Home to Heathrow.

Airbus A319s G-EUOB and G-EUOE positioned London Gatwick - London Heathrow as BA9251 and BA9250 respectively this evening as the summer timetable comes to a close.

29th October 2011 - G-EUUU at Gatwick.

Airbus A320 G-EUUU positioned London Heathrow - London Gatwick this morning and entered service immediately on the BA2560/BA2561 London Gatwick - Bologna rotation followed by the BA2716/BA2717 London Gatwick - Malaga rotation.

28th October 2011 - BA2600 Cancellation Causes G-EUUB BA895 Pisa Diversion.

The BA2600/BA2601 London Gatwick - Pisa rotation was cancelled today. As a result Airbus A320 G-EUUB operating BA895 Algiers - London Heathrow routed via Pisa to collect inbound passengers.

28th October 2011 -  747 Cardiff Maintenance Swap.

Boeing 747-436 G-BNLY positioned London Heathrow - Cardiff-Wales today as BA9172. Sister G-CIVS positioned Cardiff-Wales - London Heathrow as BA9171. This aircraft is confirmed as having New First fitted.

28th October 2011 - G-YMMP Resumes Royal Duties with Record Flight.

Boeing 777-236ER G-YMMP departed London Heathrow as BA9603 today to resume Royal Duties in Australia operating the 9,009 mile London Heathrow - Perth flight non-stop.

28th October 2011 - G-YMMF Euro Duties.

Boeing 777-236ER G-YMMF operated the BA2542/BA2543 London Gatwick - Rome Fiumicino rotation today.

27th October 2011 - 767 Venice Charters.

Two charters rotations operated between London Heathrow and Venice today; BA9220/BA9221 operated by G-BZHC and BA9230/BA9231 operated by G-BNWZ.

27th October 2011 - Cancun Hurricane Cancellation.

The BA2203/BA2202 London Gatwick - Cancun rotation was cancelled today due to Hurricane Rina.

26th October 2011 - Boeing 787 Registrations Revealed.

Registrations for British Airways’ initial Boeing 787-800 deliveries are as follows:

MSN38609 - G-ZBJA

MSN38610 - G-ZBJB

MSN38611 - G-ZBJC

MSN38612 - G-ZBJD

MSN38613 - G-ZBJE

MSN38614 - G-ZBJF

MSN38615 - G-ZBJG

MSN38619 - G-ZBJH.

25th October 2011 - Gatwick Non Ops.

The BA2682/BA2683 London Gatwick - Pristina and BA8117/BA8118 London Gatwick - Amsterdam rotations did not operate today.

24th October 2011 - G-EUUN BA490 Malaga Diversion.

Airbus A320 G-EUUN operating BA490 London Heathrow - Gibraltar diverted to Malaga today due to weather at Gibraltar.

24th October 2011 - G-BNLU Dreamflight Return.

Following eight days at Orlando Boeing 747-436 G-BNLU departed  for London Heathrow this evening as BA2DF.

23rd October 2011 - G-EUOE BA2594 Naples Diversion.

Airbus A319 G-EUOE operating BA2594 London Gatwick - Catania diverted to Naples due to Catania airport being closed. The aircraft will continue to Catania tomorrow and then operate today’s BA2595 back to London Gatwick.

23rd October 2011 - Jeddah Gets Euro 767.

The BA133/BA132 London Heathrow - Jeddah rotation was operated by European configuration Boeing 767-336ER G-BZHC today.

21st October 2011 - G-VIIB Back in Service.

Boeing 777-236ER G-VIIB re-entered service today as BA2159 London Gatwick - St Lucia - Port of Spain.



12th October 2011 - Glasgow Service Increases.

British Airways is to increase service on the London Heathrow - Glasgow route from 52 to 60 weekly flights from 30 October with a further increase to 67 weekly flights from 9 January 2012. Additionally from 30 October the BA1472/BA1477 rotation will be operated by European configuration Boeing 767-300ERs on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

12th October 2012 - New Miami and New York Flights.

From 25 March 2012 British Airways is adding additional services on the London Heathrow - Miami and London Heathrow  - New York JFK routes.

BA205/BA204 London - Miami will be operated with 4 Class Boeing 777-200ERs.

BA173/BA172 London Heathrow - New York JFK will be operated with Hi-J Boeing 747-400s.

9th October 2011 - G-CIVG Returns to Heathrow.

Boston ill pilot aircraft Boeing 747-436 G-CIVG departed for London Heathrow this evening as BA9150F.

9th October 2011 - Gatwick Non-ops

The BA2155/BA2154 London Gatwick - Bridgetown and BA2726/BA2727 London Gatwick - Ibiza rotations did not operate today.

8th October 2011 - G-VIIE Returns to Heathrow.

Chicago technical issue aircraft Boeing 777-236ER G-VIIE operated the delayed BA296 Chicago - London Heathrow from 7 October this evening as BA9606.

8th October 2011 - G-CIVG Boston Pilot Issue.

Boeing 747-436 G-CIVG arrived into Boston today as BA213 from London Heathrow but the return BA212 has been cancelled owing to the pilot being unwell.

8th October 2011 - G-VIIF to Glasgow.

Boeing 777-236ER G-VIIF operated the BA2956/BA2957 London Gatwick - Glasgow rotation today.

8th October 2011 - Flight Cancellations.

The following rotations did not operate today: BA189/BA188 London Heathrow - Newark, BA2906/BA2907 London Gatwick - Manchester and BA8037/BA8038 London Gatwick - Jersey.

7th October 2011 - G-CIVR BA247 Viracopos Diversion.

Boeing 747-436 G-CIVR operating BA247 London Heathrow - Sao Paolo (depart Heathrow 6 October) diverted to Viracopos this morning due to fog. Crew ran out of hours so passengers were transferred to Sao Paolo by coach.

7th October 2011 - G-VIIE Chicago Technical Issue.

Boeing 777-236ER G-VIIE operated BA297 London Heathrow - Chicago but the return BA296 has been delayed by 24 hours indicating a technical issue.

7th October 2011 - G-VIIO Malaga Rotation.

The BA2716/BA2717 London Gatwick - Malaga rotation was cancelled today with passengers being accommodated on the BA2714/BA2715 which was operated by Boeing 777-236ER G-VIIO.

6th October 2011 - G-STBD First Flight.

Boeing 777-36NER G-STBD made its first flight today from Paine Field today in full British Airways livery.

7th October 2011 - Verona goes Venice.

Due to a strike at Verona airport the BA2596/BA2597 London Gatwick - Verona rotation operated by Boeing 737-436 G-DOCH instead went to Venice with passengers being taken to and from Verona by coach.

6th October 2011 - G-ZZZC to Cardiff Maintenance.

Boeing 777-236 G-ZZZC positioned London Heathrow - Cardiff-Wales as BA9172 today.

6th October 2011 - G-EUUB First to Use new Aberdeen Runway Extension.

Airbus A320 G-EUUB arriving as BA1306 from London Heathrow became the first aircraft to operate along the new runway extension at Aberdeen today.

6th October 2011 - Flight Cancellation.

An additional cancellation today is the BA2726/BA2727 London Gatwick - Ibiza rotation.

5th October 2011 - 747 Cardiff Maintenance Swap.

Boeing 747-436 G-CIVL positioned London Heathrow - Cardiff-Wales as BA9171 today. Sister G-CIVR positioned Cardiff-Wales - London Heathrow as 9172. This aircraft is confirmed as having New First.

5th October 2011 - G-YMMS BA273 Los Angeles Diversion.

Boeing 777-236ER G-YMMS operating BA273 London Heathrow - San Diego was at around 1,200ft on approach to San Diego when the aircraft went around and then diverted to Los Angeles. It was able to continue to San Diego after around two hours at LAX.

5th October 2011 - G-STBC straight back from Cardiff.

Having positioned London Heathrow - Cardiff-Wales yesterday Boeing 777-36NER G-STBC returned today as BA9173.

5th October 2011 - Greek Strike Cancellations.

Due to strike action in Greece the BA638/BA639, BA640/BA641 and BA632/BA633 London Heathrow - Athens rotations are cancelled.

4th October 2011 - Greek Strike Cancellations.

Due to strike action in Greece today’s BA634 London Heathrow - Athens and tomorrow’s BA631 Athens - London Heathrow are cancelled.

4th October 2011 - Additional Non-Ops.

The BA1434/BA1441  London Heathrow - Edinburgh and BA2155/BA2154 London Gatwick - Bridgetown rotations did not operate today.

4th October 2011 - G-STBC to Cardiff Maintenance.

Boeing 777-36NER G-STBC positioned London Heathrow - Cardiff-Wales today as BA9172.

3rd October 2011 - G-BNLU BA85 Heathrow Return.

Boeing 747-436 G-BNLU operating BA85 London Heathrow - Vancouver was close to Edinburgh at 34,000 ft when it turned back towards London, performed a Figure 8 whilst dumping fuel over the Borders and then made its way back to Heathrow. This was the aircraft’s first flight since arriving at Heathrow as BA116 from New York JFK on 12 September. It has been under maintenance at Heathrow in the meantime.

3rd October 2011 - 767 Rome Charters.

Two Boeing 767 London Heathrow - Rome Fiumicino charter rotations operated today with Boeing 767-336ER G-BNWB operating as BA9220/BA9221 and sister G-BNWX operating as BA9230/BA9231.

3rd October 2011 - G-BNLW Positions Back to Heathrow.

Los Angeles technical issue victim Boeing 747-436 G-BNLW set off from Los Angeles back to London Heathrow today as BA9605.

3rd October 2011 - Flight Cancellations.

Additional flights not operating today are the BA580/BA581 London Heathrow - Milan Malpensa, BA2366/BA2367 London Gatwick - Marseilles, BA324/BA329 London Heathrow  - Paris CDG and BA1486/BA1493 London Heathrow Glasgow. The latter flights will also not operate tomorrow.

2nd October 2011 - Flight Cancellations.

An additional flight not operating from today is the BA840/BA841 London Heathrow - Kiev rotation.

1st October 2011 - G-BNLW Los Angeles Technical Issue.

Boeing 747-436 G-BNLW arrived into Los Angeles today as BA269 from London Heathrow but the return BA268 was cancelled indicating a technical problem with the aircraft.

1st October 2011 - Flight Cancellations.

The BA714/BA715 London Heathrow - Zurich and BA792/BA793 London Heathrow - Gothenburg rotations did not operate today. BA714/BA715 does not operate until Thursday 6 October. BA792/BA793 becomes a twice a week rotation.

The BA Source - News Archive.

21st October 2011 - BA Liveried Boeing 747-800 First Flight.

Boeing 747-87UF G-GSSD, to be operated by Global Supply Systems on behalf of British Airways made its first test flight today from Paine Field.

21st October 2011 - G-EUXI to Prestwick Maintenance.

Airbus A321 G-EUXI positioned London Heathrow - Prestwick today as BA9273.

20th October 2011 - G-VIIB Back At Gatwick.

Boeing 777-236ER G-VIIB positioned Lisbon - London Gatwick this evening as BA9171.

20th October 2011 - G-YMMP Leaves Australia.

Royal transport Boeing 777-236ER G-YMMP left Canberra today and is heading back to London Heathrow.

20th October 2011 - G-EUPP Back From Prestwick Maintenance.

Airbus A319 G-EUPP positioned Prestwick - London Heathrow today as BA9278.

20th October 2011 - Heathrow Non-Ops.

The following rotations did not operate today:

BA638/BA639 London Heathrow - Athens

BA906/BA907 London Heathrow - Frankfurt

BA960/BA961 London Heathrow - Munich.

19th October 2011 - G-VIIB Positions to Lisbon.

Boeing 777-236ER G-VIIB positioned this evening from Santa Maria to Lisbon as BA9151. The aircraft was heading originally for London Gatwick but diverted due to the same issue with the #2 engine that caused the original diversion to Santa Maria.

19th October 2011 - Gatwick Shorthaul Summer 2012 Timetable Takes Shape.

The Summer 2012 timetable to run from March 25 2012 is starting to be loaded into GDS systems. Highlights include a new 3 x per day service to Nice and the transfer of Algiers from London Heathrow. To make way for these the existing services to Manchester, Bordeaux, Faro, Rome Fiumicino, Pristina and Tirana will be reduced and services to Cagliari will no longer operate.

New timings are:

BA2622 London Gatwick 0740 - Nice 1040

BA2624 London Gatwick 1305 - Nice 1605

BA2626 London Gatwick 1920 - Nice 2220

BA2621 Nice 0705 - London Gatwick 0805

BA2623 Nice 1125 - London Gatwick 1225

BA2625 Nice 1650 - London Gatwick 1750

BA2546 London Gatwick 0955 - Algeirs 1235

BA2547 Algiers 1335 - London Gatwick 1630

All flights to be operated by Boeing 737-436 and/or Airbus A319 Aircraft.

19th October 2011 - A319 Maintenance Swaps.

Airbus A319 G-EUPX positioned Prestwick - London Heathrow as BA9270 today whilst sister G-EUPO positioned London Heathrow - Prestwick as BA9271.

19th October 2011 - Greek ATC Cancellations.

An Air Traffic Control strike in Greece has caused the following rotations to be cancelled:

BA638/BA639 London Heathrow - Athens

BA640/BA641 London Heathrow - Athens

BA632/BA633 London Heathrow - Athens

Additionally the following rotations did not operate today:

BA372/BA373 London Heathrow - Toulouse

BA906/BA907 London Heathrow - Frankfurt

BA952/BA953 London Heathrow - Munich

BA960/BA961 London Heathrow - Munich

BA1336/BA1337 London Heathrow - Newcastle.

18th October 2011 - G-YMMP Departs on Royal Australia Visit.

Boeing 777-236ER G-YMMP departed London Heathrow today as BA9101 for Singapore and Sydney carrying HM The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh on a visit including the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Perth. The aircraft was fitted with the BA Royal Suite at London Heathrow yesterday having arrived on BA8 from Tokyo Haneda on 16 October.

18th October 2011 - BA2155 Santa Maria Diversion.

BA2155 London Gatwick - Bridgetown operated by Boeing 777-236ER G-VIIA operated via Santa Maria, Azores today taking equipment and engineering personnel for stricken sister G-VIIB.

18th October 2011 - G-CIVL Back from Cardiff Maintenance.

Boeing 747-436 G-CIVL positioned Cardiff-Wales - London Heathrow today as BA9171. It is confirmed that this aircraft has not been fitted with new First.

18th October 2011 - Heathrow Non-ops.

Rotations not operating from Heathrow today were as follows:

BA752/BA753 London Heathrow - Basel

BA952/BA953 London Heathrow - Munich

BA1136/BA1337 London Heathrow - Newcastle

BA634/BA641 London Heathrow - Athens.

18th October 2011 - Jeddah Gets Euro 767.

The BA133/BA132 London Heathrow - Jeddah rotation was operated by European configuration Boeing 767-336ER G-BNWB today.

17th October 2011 - G-DOCW BA2688 Pisa Diversion.

Boeing 737-436 operating BA2688 London Gatwick - Genoa diverted to Pisa due to strike action at Genoa. The aircraft returned to London Gatwick as BA9254.

17th October 2011 - G-VIIB BA2154 Santa Maria Diversion. G-VIIA Diverts to Rescue Passengers.

Boeing 777-236ER G-VIIB operating BA2154 Bridgetown - London Gatwick (depart Bridgetown 16 October) diverted to Santa Maria, Azores after crew had to shut down the right hand engine. Sister G-VIIA operating the following BA2152 Grenada - Bridgetown - London Gatwick also diverted via Santa Maria in order to collect stranded passengers.

16th October 2011 - G-BNLU Departs on Dreamflight.

Boeing 747-436 G-BNLU departed on the annual Dreamflight charity flight today using callsign BA1DF for the London Heathrow - Orlando flight.

16th October 2011 - G-VIIP BA2166 Gander Diversion.

Boeing 777-236ER G-VIIP operating BA2166 Tampa - London Gatwick diverted via Gander, Newfoundland today due to a medical issue on board.

16th October 2011 - Heathrow Fog Diversion & Cancellations.

Due to fog at London Heathrow today BA92 Toronto - London Heathrow (depart Toronto 15 October) operated by Boeing 7670-336ER G-BNWU diverted via Birmingham.

The following rotations were cancelled:

BA245/BA244 London Heathrow - Buenos Aires

BA334/BA335 London Heathrow - Paris Orly

BA354/BA355 London Heathrow - Nice

BA372/BA373 London Heathrow - Toulouse

BA396/BA397 London Heathrow - Brussels

BA434/BA435 London Heathrow - Amsterdam

BA556/BA557 London Heathrow - Rome Fiumicino

BA712/BA713 London Heathrow - Zurich

BA728/BA729 London Heathrow - Geneva

BA814/BA815 London Heathrow - Copenhagen

BA938/BA939 London Heathrow - Dusseldorf

BA952/BA953 London Heathrow - Munich

BA1312/BA1313 London Heathrow - Aberdeen

BA1396/BA1407  London Heathrow - Manchester.

15th October 2011 - G-STBD Delivered.

Boeing 777-36NER G-STBD was accepted by British Airways on lease from GECAS today and departed Paine Field for Cardiff-Wales as BA9176.

14th October 2011 - IAG Tables bid for bmi.

It is reported that BA parent IAG has tabled a bid to Lufthansa for bmi British Midland International. No further details have been reported at this stage.

14th October 2011 - G-VIIE Operates Moscow Service.

4 Class Boeing 777-236ER G-VIIE operated the BA872/BA873 London Heathrow - Moscow Domedodovo rotation today.

13th October 2011 - G-EUPO Manchester Technical Issue.

Airbus A319 G-EUPO operated the BA1394 London Heathrow - Manchester today but the return BA1399 was cancelled indicating a technical issue with the aircraft. The aircraft was able to position empty to London Heathrow late in the evening as BA9272.