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British Airways News September 2010

30th September 2010 - Astraeus Boeing 737-300 G-STRJ on lease at London Gatwick.

BA have leased Astraeus Boeing 737-300 G-STRJ for operation from London Gatwick until 3rd October. The aircraft is in an all economy 148 seat configuration and is a 1991 machine delivered to VASP of Brazil that went to TransBrasil, QANTAS and JetConnect before delivery to Astraeus in 2005.

30th September 2010 - 747 Cardiff Maintenance Swap.

Boeing 747-436 G-CIVH positioned London Heathrow - Cardiff-Wales as BA9170 whilst sister G-BNLO positioned Cardiff-Wales - London Heathrow  as BA9171.

29th September 2010 - Captain Peter Burkill returns to BA.

Captain Peter Burkill who was in command of Boeing 777-200 G-YMMM operating BA38 from Beijing when it landed short at Heathrow in January 2008 due to blocked fuel lines has returned to the company as a Boeing 777 pilot.

29th September 2010 - 747 Cardiff Maintenance Swap.

Boeing 747-436 G-CIVF positioned London Heathrow - Cardiff-Wales as BA9173 whilst sister G-BNLK positioned Cardiff-Wales - London Heathrow as BA9172. G-BNLK has the New First cabin.

29th September 2010 - Airbus A320 G-EUUC operates from London Gatwick.

Airbus A320 G-EUUC positioned from London Heathrow to London Gatwick as BA9153 on the evening of 28th September before operating the BA2606/2607 London Gatwick - Naples and BA2562/3 London Gatwick - Bologna rotations before returning to London Heathrow as BA9259.

27th Sepyember 2010 - Boeing 777-200 G-ZZZB to Cardiff maintenance.

Boeing 777-236 G-ZZZB positioned London Heathrow - Cardiff-Wales as BA9170.

27th September 2010 - 777-200 G-VIIC Ryder Cup Charter.

Boeing 777-236ER G-VIIC operated a charter bringing in the US Team for The Ryder Cup golf competition. The aircraft positioned London Heathrow - Atlanta as BA9150 on 26th to collect the US Team before departing on 26th as BA9118 Atlanta - Cardiff- Wales arriving on 27th and positioning back to London Heathrow as BA9151.

26th September 2010 - Boeing 757 G-CPET to receive retro livery.

Boeing 757-236 G-CPET entered the paintshop at London Heathrow after operating BA461 from Madrid. This aircraft is expected to wear a retro BA livery for its final weeks in service.

22nd September 2010 - 777-200 G-YMMG BA294 Boston Medical Diversion.

Tonight’s BA294 Chicago - London Heathrow service operation by Boeing 777-200 G-YMMG has diverted into Boston with a medical emergency.

21st September 2010 - New Longhaul Route Announcements.

British Airways has announced a brand new route to Tokyo Haneda commending on 19th February 2011 and operating five times weekly with 4 Class Boeing 777-200s. Haneda was used exclusively as a domestic airport but has recently been opened up to International services. Timings are:

BA7 London Heathrow 0805 - Tokyo Haneda 0500+1 X2/3

BA8 Tokyo Haneda 0625 - London Heathrow 1000 X3/4.

The timing of the return flight is somewhat restrictive as it curtails any feeder traffic from fellow OneWorld carrier JAL. However longhaul International flights are only permitted into and out of Haneda between 2200 - 0700.

From 27th March 2011 the BA247/246 London Heathrow - Sao Paolo - Buenos Aires Boeing 747-400 service will be split with a Boeing 747-400 operating to Sao Paolo and a Boeing 777-200 to Buenos Aires directly. Timings are:

BA247 London Heathrow 2150 - Sao Paolo 0515+1 Daily.

BA246 Sao Paolo 1800 - London Heathrow 0905+1 Daily.

BA245 London Heathrow 2155 - Buenos Aires 0735+1 Daily.

BA244 Buenos Aires 1325 - London Heathrow 0640+1 Daily.

From London Gatwick there will be increases in service to Barbados (from 10 to 12 flights weekly), Antigua (from 5 to 6 per week), St Lucia and Port of Spain (from 5 per week to daily), Cancun (from 2 to 3 per week) and Tampa (from 5 per week to daily). Orlando reduces from 9 per week to daily service.

21st September 2010 - 777-300 G-STBB enters service.

Boeing 777-36NER G-STBB entered service today operating BA143 to Delhi.

21st September 2010 - Belgrade Route Axed.

The London Heathrow - Belgrade route is to be axed with the last operations on Tuesday 30th November.

20th September 2010 - 777-300 G-STBB arrives at London Heathrow.

Boeing 777-36NER G-STBB positioned from Cardiff-Wales - London Heathrow as BA9173. The 36NER designator indicates that this is a leased machine and not a direct BA order with Boeing.

19th September 2010 - Boeing 777-200 G-YMMI to Cardiff Maintenance.

Boeing 777-236ER G-YMMI positioned from London Heathrow - Cardiff-Wales as BA9170.

16th September 2010 - Boeing 777-200 G-YMMF on European Services.

Boeing 777-200 G-YMMF began work at its new London Gatwick base by appearing on the BA2940/BA2941 London Gatwick - Rome Fiumicino European service.

26th September 2010 - A320 G-EUUF operates from London Gatwick.

Airbus A320 G-EUUF positioned from London Heathrow - London Gatwick as BA9256 this morning before operating the BA2688/2689 London Gatwick - Turin and BA2588/2589 London Gatwick - Venice rotations before returning to London Heathrow as BA9257.

26th September 2010 - Boeing 747-400 G-CIVN to Cardiff maintenance.

Boeing 747-436 G-CIVN positioned from London Heathrow - Cardiff-Wales as BA9174.

26th September 2010 - Boeing 777-200 G-YMMI back at London Heathrow.

Having operated the BA2233/2232 London Gatwick - Bermuda rotation on 25th September 4 Class Boeing 777-236ER G-YMMI positioned to London Heathrow today as BA9152 and immediately took up service to Bangalore as BA119.

25th September 2010 - Boeing 747-400 G-CIVM returns with New First.

Boeing 747-400 G-CIVM positioned Cardiff-Wales - London Heathrow as BA9175 today. This is the third Boeing 747-400 to be fitted with BA’s New FIRST product.

25th September 2010 - Boeing 777-200 G-YMMI moves to London Gatwick.

4 Class Rolls Royce engined Boeing 777-236ER G-YMMI returned from maintenance at Cardiff-Wales positioning to London Gatwick as BA9172 before immediately entering service as BA2233 to Bermuda. The use of 4 class Rolls Royce engined 777s at Gatwick is rare as these machines have crew rest areas which are not required on Gatwick 4 class routes.

23rd September 2010 - Boeing 777-200 G-YMMA on European Service.

3 Class Boeing 777-236 G-YMMA today operated the BA782/783 London Heathrow - Stockholm rotation in place of the usual Airbus A319/320/321.

23rd September 2010 - Titan BAe146-200 G-ZAPO operates from London City.

Titan Airways Bae146-200 G-ZAPO operated for BA Cityflyer from London City today operating the BA8726/8727 London City - Glasgow rotation.

23rd September 2010 - 777-200s G-YMMR and G-YMMU Swap Bases.

3 Class Boeing 777-236ER G-YMMR positioned from London Gatwick - London Heathrow on 22nd September as BA9172 before commencing operations from London Heathrow today as BA249 to Rio de Janeiro. This aircraft had been at London Gatwick since 15th July 2010. Moving in the other direction is G-YMMU which positioned from London Heathrow - London Gatwick today as BA9172 before commencing operations as BA2055 to Sharm-el-Sheik. This is the first time this aircraft has been based at London Gatwick.

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