British Airways B747-400 G-BNLY Positions to Baltimore-Washington.

Following the cancellation of today’s BA209/BA208 London Heathrow – Miami rotation, British Airways Boeing 747-436 G-BNLY positioned London Heathrow – Baltimore-Washington as BA209 this evening in order to be able to easily position into Miami in order to operate a repatriation flight once cleared into Miami following Hurricane Irma.

British Airways B747-400 G-BNLY Abuja Rescue Mission.

Following the technical diversion of yesterday’s BA59 London Heathrow – Cape Town to Abuja, British Airways Boeing 747-436 G-BNLY positioned London Heathrow – Abuja this morning as BA9157 in order to continue yesterday’s diverted BA59 London Heathrow – Cape Town, routing Abuja – Cape Town as BA59D.

British Airways B747-400 G-BNLY Returns from Johannesburg.

Following its overnight technical delay British Airways Boeing 747-436 G-BNLY departed Johannesburg this evening operating yesterday’s delayed BA54 Johannesburg – London Heathrow as BA54X. A replacement pitot probe was delivered on BA57 arriving into Johannesburg this morning.

British Airways B747-400 G-BNLY Overnight Cape Town Delay.

British Airways Boeing 747-436 G-BNLY arrived into Cape Town as BA43 from London Heathrow (depart London 16th February) this morning, however the return BA42 has been delayed overnight. It is not clear whether this is due to a crew or a technical issue.

British Airways B747-400 and B767-300ER Withdrawal Schedule.

The respected site has published the following withdrawal schedule for the Boeing 747-400 and Boeing 767-300ER fleets:

Boeing 747-436 G-BNLM November 2013
Boeing 747-436 G-BNLR January 2014
Boeing 747-436 G-BNLE February 2014 (New First)
Boeing 767-336ER G-BNWN March 2014
Boeing 747-436 G-BNLT April 2014 (New First)
Boeing 767-336ER G-BNWU April 2014
Boeing 767-336ER G-BNWC May 2014
Boeing 747-436 G-BNLS May 2014
Boeing 767-336ER G-BNWH June 2014
Boeing 767-336ER G-BNWO June 2014
Boeing 767-336ER G-BNWD July 2014
Boeing 747-436 G-BNLI August 2014
Boeing 747-436 G-BNLF September 2014
Boeing 747-436 G-BNLW October 2014
Boeing 747-436 G-BNLG July 2015 (New First)
Boeing 747-436 G-BNLU October 2015 (New First)
Boeing 747-436 G-BNLV November 2015 (New First)
Boeing 747-436 G-BNLX November 2015
Boeing 746-437 G-BNLZ January 2016.

Some or all Old First fitted Boeing 747-436s G-BNLJ, G-BNLL, G-BNLY, G-CIVA, G-CIVB and G-CIVC will be fitted with New First seats removed from withdrawn aircraft.

British Airways B747-400 G-CIVJ Miami Technical Issue.

British Airways Boeing 747-438 G-CIVJ operated BA207 London Heathrow – Miami today, however it was unable to operate the return BA206 due to a technical issue. Sister G-BNLY, which operated BA209 London Heathrow – Miami was used to operate BA206 Miami – London Heathrow leading to BA208 Miami – London Heathrow being delayed overnight.

British Airways B747-400 G-BNLY Operates Delayed BA275.

British Airways Boeing 747-436 G-BNLY operated yesterday’s delayed BA275 London Heathrow – Las Vegas this afternoon as BA9609 and will return with yesterday’s BA274 as BA9608. As a result of no crew arriving in Las Vegas yesterday, tonight’s BA274 Las Vegas – London Heathrow will operate tomorrow after the outbound crew on G-BNLY have minimum rest.