British Airways A319 G-EUPM Aberdeen Technical Issue.

British Airways A319 G-EUPM operated BA1304 London Heathrow – Aberdeen this morning, however the return BA1305 was cancelled due to a technical issue. The aircraft was able to position Aberdeen – London Heathrow early in the evening as BA9270.

British Airways A319 G-EUPM BA804 Billund Taxiway Incident.

British Airways A319 G-EUPM operating BA804 London Heathrow – Billund had completed a safe landing this morning and was taxiing to the terminal when it skidded off the taxiway following a nosewheel steering issue and came to rest with all wheels off the paved surface. The aircraft was unable to operate the return BA805.

British Airways A319 G-EUPM Takes Over BA1386.

Following the earlier technical return of BA1386 London Heathrow – Manchester to London Heathrow, the delayed BA1386/BA1387 London Heathrow – Manchester rotation was subsequently operated by A319 G-EUPM.

British Airways A319 G-EUPM BA1426 Belfast International Diversion.

British Airways A319 G-EUPM operating BA1426 London Heathrow – Belfast City diverted to Belfast International this evening due to weather at Belfast City. The aircraft then positioned Belfast International – London Heathrow as BA9251. As a result tomorrow’s BA1427 Belfast City – London Heathrow will not operate.

A319 G-EUPM Operates from London Gatwick.

British Airways A319 G-EUPM overnighted at Glasgow after operating BA1478 from London Heathrow yesterday however this morning it operated south as BA2953 Glasgow – London Gatwick and began operations from the Gatwick base.

Heathrow Arrival Diversions.

Long hold times at London Heathrow caused the following diversions this morning:

BA228 Baltimore-Washington – London Heathrow (depart Baltimore-Washington 13th October) operated by Boeing 767-336ER G-BNWC diverted via Cardiff-Wales.

BA427 Amsterdam – London Heathrow operated by A319 G-EUPM diverted via London Gatwick.

BA811 Copenhagen – London Heathrow operated by A319 G-EUPG diverted via London Stansted.

BA853 Prague – London Heathrow operated by A320 G-EUYL diverted via London Luton.

A319 Prestwick Maintenance Swap.

British Airways A319 G-EUOE positioned London Heathrow – Prestwick this evening as BA9270. Sister G-EUPM, which has been at Prestwick since 18th September, then positioned Prestwick – London Heathrow as BA9271.

British Airways A319 G-EUPM Delivered.

British Airways A319 G-EUPM was delivered today. The aircraft is in Union Flag livery and CY132 configuration with convertible seating in the first nine rows. This brings the British Airways A319 fleet up to 12 aircraft.