British Airways A321 G-EUXC Returns from Prestwick Maintenance.

British Airways A321 G-EUXC, which has been under maintenance at Prestwick since 23rd March, positioned Prestwick – London Heathrow this evening as BA9273. The aircraft has been reconfigured from CY205 to CY218 with the spaceflex rear galley and toilets and is the second A321 in this configuration.

British Airways A321 G-EUXC Continues from Athens.

Following its diversion yesterday, British Airways A321 G-EUXC departed Athens this afternoon continuing yesterday’s diverted BA9228 London Heathrow – Lemnos charter, routing Athens – Lemnos and using BA9228 as its callsign. The aircraft then operated yesterday’s delayed BA9229 Lemnos – London Heathrow.

British Airways A321 G-EUXC Amsterdam Cancellation.

British Airways A321 G-EUXC, which overnighted at Amsterdam, was scheduled to operate BA425 Amsterdam – London Heathrow this afternoon, however the flight was cancelled due to crew issues. The aircraft positioned Amsterdam – London Heathrow as BA9256 around two hours after the scheduled BA425 depature.

British Airways A321 G-EUXC Quick Milan Linate Turnaround.

Following the earlier A321 technical issue at Milan Linate, British Airways A321 G-EUXC operated BA570 London Heathrow – Milan Linate this evening then, instead of overnighting, turned around to operate the delayed BA569 Milan Linate – London Heathrow. As a result BA561 Milan Linate – London Heathrow will not operate tomorrow.

British Airways A321 G-EUXC Returns from Madrid Maintenance.

British Airways A321 G-EUXC, which has been under maintenance at Madrid since December 10th, positioned Madrid – London Heathrow this evening as BA9275. The aircraft has been repainted into White Union Flag with Crest livery.

British Airways A321 G-EUXC Operates Tel Aviv Rotation.

British Airways European configuration A321 G-EUXC operated the BA163/BA162 London Heathrow – Tel Aviv rotation this evening in place of the usual midhaul A321. No midhaul A321 was available following air traffic control delays.

A321 G-EUXC Milan Linate Technical Issue.

British Airways Airbus A321 G-EUXC overnighted at Milan Linate having operated BA570 from London Heathrow yesterday evening however its scheduled return to London Heathrow this morning as BA561 has been cancelled indicating a technical issue with the aircraft.

A321 G-EUXC BA315 Paris Return.

British Airways A321 G-EUXC operating BA315 Paris CDG – London Heathrow returned to Paris CDG shortly after take off due to indications that a cargo door was not correctly closed. The aircraft was able to continue the flight later.