British Airways A320 G-EUYB Cagliari Rescue Mission.

Following the earlier A319 technical issue at Cagliari, British Airways A320 G-EUYB positioned London Heathrow – Cagliari as BA9251 late this afternoon in order to operate the delayed BA9217 Cagliari – London Heathrow charter sector.

British Airways A320 G-EUYB Paris CDG Flight Switch.

British Airways A320 G-EUYB operated BA322 London Heathrow – Paris CDG this evening, however instead of overnighting at Paris CDG it turned around to operate the delayed BA323 Paris CDG – London Heathrow following the earlier A320 technical issue at Paris CDG.

British Airways A320 G-EUYB Returns from Gatwick Base.

British Airways A320 G-EUYB, which has been operating from London Gatwick since June 22nd, overnighted at Glasgow after arriving as BA2968 from London Gatwick yesterday, then returned to London Heathrow operations this morning operating BA1491Glasgow – London Heathrow.

British Airways A320 G-EUYB Returns from Valencia.

Following the technical issue it encountered on 22nd July, British Airways A320 G-EUYB positioned Valencia – London Gatwick as BA9270 this afternoon then returned to service operating BA2610 London Gatwick – Naples.

British Airways A320 G-EUYB Luxembourg Damage.

British Airways A320 G-EUYB operated BA416 London Heathrow – Luxembourg this morning, however the return BA417 was cancelled due to aircraft damage. The aircraft was able to position Luxembourg – London Heathrow during the evening as BA9273.

British Airways A320 G-EUYB BA866 Heathrow Technical Return.

British Airways A320 G-EUYB operating BA866 London Heathrow – Budapest stopped the climb at 6,000 ft due to a technical issue this morning, squawked the 7700 emergency code and returned to Heathrow for a safe landing. The flight was subsequently operated by sister G-EUUT.

A320 G-EUYB Returns from Stockholm.

Following its altercation with a de-icing truck on 5th December British Airways A320 G-EUYB positioned Stockholm Arlanda – London Heathrow this morning as BA9256.

A320 G-EUYB Damaged by Stockholm De-icing Truck.

British Airways A320 G-EUYB was damaged by a de-icing truck at Stockholm Arlanda this morning whilst being prepared to depart at BA771 to London Heathrow. The aircraft has sustained damage to the left hand engine.

British Airways Saturday Airbus Charters.

The following British Airways charter rotations operated today:

BA9232/BA9233 London Heathrow – Rhodes operated by A320 G-EUYB

BA9234/BA9235 London Heathrow – Bodrum operated by A320 G-EUUT.

Summer Saturday Airbus Charters.

Airbus charters today were as follows:

A320 G-EUUU operated BA9216/BA9217 London Heathrow – Cagliari.
A319 G-EUPX operated BA9218/BA9219 London Heathrow – Olbia.
A319 G-EUOC operated BA9222/BA9223 London Heathrow – Cagliari.
A320 G-EUYE operated BA9230/BA9231 London Heathrow – Rhodes.
A320 G-EUUP operated BA9232/BA9233 London Heathrow – Rhodes.
A320 G-EUUR operated BA9234/BA9235 London Heathrow – Bodrum.
A320 G-EUYB operated BA9236/BA9237 London Heathrow – Cagliari.
A320 G-EUYC operated BA9238/BA9239 London Heathrow – Bastia.

Summer Saturday Airbus Charters.

Airbus charters today were as follows:

A320 G-TTOB operated BA9216/BA9217 London Heathrow – Cagliari.

A319 G-EUPD operated BA9218/BA9219 London Heathrow – Olbia.

A319 G-EUPG operated BA9222/BA9223 London Heathrow – Cagliari.

A320 G-EUUW operated BA9230/BA9231 London Heathrow – Rhodes. (more…)