British Airways A320 G-EUYM Returns from Nice.

Following the damage it sustained on 15th March, British Airways A320 G-EUYM positioned Nice – London Heathrow this evening as BA9279. The aircraft immediately entered the London Heathrow maintenance facility.

British Airways A320 G-EUYM BA686 Munich Diversion.

British Airways A320 G-EUYM operating BA686 London Heathrow – Innsbruck diverted to Munich this afternoon due to weather at Innsbruck. The return BA687 operated from Munich once passengers had been transferred by road.

British Airways A320 G-EUYM BA1423 Manchester Diversion.

British Airways A320 G-EUYM operating BA1423 Belfast City – London Heathrow diverted via Manchester this morning due a combination of long fog based hold times at London Heathrow and the temporary closure of the north runway following an American Airlines emergency landing.

British Airways Stavanger Services Switch to Terminal 5.

British Airways London Heathrow – Stavanger services switched from Terminal 1 to Terminal 5 at London Heathrow this morning. The final rotation from Terminal 1 yesterday was BA8152/BA8153 operated by A319 G-DBCK. The first flight from Terminal 5 this morning was BA758/BA759 operated by A320 G-EUYM.

Summer Saturday Airbus Charters.

British Airways Airbus charters today were as follows:

A320 G-EUUU operated BA9216/BA9217 London Heathrow – Cagliari.
A319 G-EUPN operated BA9218/BA9219 London Heathrow – Olbia.
A319 G-EUOB operated BA9222/BA9223 London Heathrow – Cagliari.
A320 G-EUUR operated BA9230/BA9231 London Heathrow – Rhodes.
A320 G-EUYM operated BA9232/BA9233 London Heathrow – Rhodes.
A320 G-EUUJ operated BA9234/BA9235 London Heathrow – Bodrum.
A320 G-EUYH operated BA9236/BA9237 London Heathrow – Cagliari.
A320 G-EUYA operated BA9238/BA9239 London Heathrow – Bastia.

British Airways A320 G-EUYM Delivered.

British Airways A320 G-EUYM was delivered Toulouse – London Heathrow as BA9251 this evening. The aircraft is in Union Flag livery and CY162 configuration with Spacesaver seats.