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British Airways Airbus A319 G-EUPD

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G-EUPD Maintenance Record

Details of all maintenance stoppages of five days or greater since 2012 at company facilities and all maintenance stops at other facilities.

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Details of all tracked flights made by G-EUPD in the past 30 days. For older flights please see Jet Tracker.

G-EUPD Tracker

Details of all routes operated by G-EUPD in the past 30 days.

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G-EUPD Seat Map

G-EUPD is configured with a convertible cabin and can operate in all-Economy configuration when used on charter flights and with between three and fourteen rows of Business Class when operating scheduled services.

G-EUPD News History

British Airways A319 G-EUPD Operates Chateauroux Engineering and Crew Flights.

British Airways A319 G-EUPD operated London Heathrow – Chateauroux as BA9256 this morning carrying engineering staff and A380 flight crew in connection with the A380 fleet in storage at Chateauroux, returning early in the evening as BA9257 carrying engineering staff only as the A380 flight crew had ferried an aircraft to London Heathrow.

British Airways A319 G-EUPD BA1344 Manchester Diversion.

British Airways A319 G-EUPD operating BA1344 London Heathrow – Leeds Bradford diverted to Manchester early this evening due to weather at Leeds Bradford. The aircraft later positioned Manchester – London Heathrow as BA1345 however the BA1345 Leeds Bradford – London Heathrow service was cancelled.

British Airways A319 G-EUPD BA581 London Gatwick Diversion and Operations.

British Airways A319 G-EUPD operated last night’s BA581 Milan Malpensa – London Heathrow with a three hour weather delay in the early hours of this morning and diverted to London Gatwick due to a lack of open facilities at London Heathrow. The aircraft then remained at London Gatwick and operated BA2770/BA2771 London Gatwick – Jersey rotation before positioning London Gatwick – London Heathrow early in the afternoon in order to operate BA818 London Heathrow – Copenhagen.

British Airways A319 G-EUPD Milan Linate Technical Issue.

British Airways A319 G-EUPD overnighted at Milan Linate after arriving as BA570 from London Heathrow yesterday, however its scheduled return to London Heathrow as BA561 was cancelled this morning due to a technical issue. The aircraft was able to position Milan Linate – London Heathrow during the evening as BA9256.

British Airways A319 G-EUPD Returns from Sofia Maintenance.

British Airways A319 G-EUPD, which has been under maintenance at Sofia since 17th October, positioned Sofia – London Heathrow late this afternoon as BA9274 then returned to service operating BA376 London Heathrow – Toulouse. The aircraft retains Dove Gold livery.

British Airways A319 G-EUPD BA1317 London Luton Diversion.

British Airways A319 G-EUPD operating BA1317 Aberdeen – London Heathrow diverted via London Luton this evening. The diversion was caused by airspace closures on the approach to London Heathrow due to a police helicopter operation.

British Airways Toulouse Services Switch to Heathrow Terminal 1.

British Airways London Heathrow – Toulouse services switched from Terminal 5 to Terminal 1 at London Heathrow this morning. The final rotation from Terminal 5 yesterday was BA374/BA375 operated by A319 G-EUPD. The first flight from Terminal 1 this morning was BA372/BA373 operated by A319 G-DBCF.

G-EUPD Frankfurt Technical Issue.

British Airways Airbus A319 G-EUPD operated BA906 London Heathrow – Frankfurt this morning however the return BA907 was cancelled indicating a technical issue with the aircraft. The aircraft did return to London late in the afternoon using BA907 as its callsign.

British Airways A319 G-EUPD Delivered.

British Airways A319 G-EUPD was delivered today. The aircraft is in Union Flag livery and CY132 configuration with convertible seating in the first nine rows. This is the fourth A319 for British Airways.






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A319 Fleet





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